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This year’s  S. E. Manly Short Film Showcase features films from across the globe, listed in alphabetical order below.

All films are shorts in length of 60 minutes or less and present a combination of documentaries and short films, from emerging filmmakers and representing diverse voices and storytelling.


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1 Chance

A professional boxer is forced to choose between his family and promising career after he's diagnosed with type one diabetes.

DirectorJoseph Austin II
WriterJoseph Austin II
ProducerJoseph Austin II, Jo D. Jonz, Steve Williams, Jeremy Harris


A below average child sets out to survive like every other day but encounters an unexpected outcome.

DirectorEtimbuk Udofia
WriterMiracle Blaise
ProducerEtimbuk Udofia, EtyArts Media
Starring Ifure Azorbo, Emaediong Udofia

All Power

After the 2020 death of George Floyd, a biracial black man is faced with the decision to stay silent or fight for what he believes in against the conflicting views of his white fiancé.

DirectorBrit Campbell, Kaleb Knight
WriterBrit Campbell
ProducerBen Krueger, Hannah Wacholtz
Starring Brit Campbell, Kylie Renwick, Jakholbi Murray, Robert Way


An unemployed young man returns to his hometown to start a teaching job, so he can pay the bride price and marry his childhood lover. But he is confronted with unexpected challenges.

DirectorKobby Ankomah Boateng
WriterKobby Ankomah Boateng
ProducerKwasi Owusu Boadi
Starring Stephen Ajewenji Adaako

A Different Lens

Peter, a white, middle-aged man, lives his life with the belief that racism as a topic is being blown out of proportion. He assumes that people leave their various countries to constitute a nuisance and turn every confrontation into racist accusations. On a fateful day that he has an encounter with a little black girl and her mom, he sleeps and lives a day as a black man in his own country. When he wakes up, he knows that his thoughts and perspectives will forever change. He has no choice but to make amends with the little girl he had an encounter with the previous day. He sees racism from A DIFFERENT LENS.

DirectorOlatunbosun Amao
WriterOlatunbosun Amao
ProducerOlatunbosun Amao
Starring Dan Boileau, Olatunbosun Amao, Toni Amao, Tomi Amao, Temitayo Agbi

A Grave Confession

A little girl is found dead with a gun and telephone nearby. The quest to unravel the mystery of her death turns spouses against each other. Tensions grow until they find themselves in a grave site, about to kill and be killed

DirectorDavid Mzomba
WriterDavid Mzomba
ProducerJordan Harland
Starring Jovan Muthray, Khanyi Mbau, Olis Mavuso

A Path to Somewhere

A heist turns sour when an unexpected witness arrives. The bandits must decide if getting rid of the "evidence" is worth it. The decision tests the limits of their trust in the midst of brewing deception.

DirectorGerrick Winston
WriterGerrick Winston
ProducerGerrick Winston, Omatta Udalor
Starring Omatta Udalor, Chris Casson, Stepahnie Orr, Brieanna McCutcheon, Filsan Dualeh, Brent Kuhn


The abrupt story of a dancer who instigates the attempts of a depressed young girl to find solace in dancing'

DirectorJames Alabaster
WriterJames Alabaster
ProducerJames Alabaster
Starring Diton Warde, Emeka Salsa


An African American cop is challenged when he is involved in an all too familiar tragic shooting of an unarmed teen. The following events challenge both his livelihood as well as him as an individual.


Beale Street Blues

A rogue police officer and his impressionable cousin set up a faux drug deal in the midst of an FBI investigation.

DirectorDaniel R Ferrell
WriterDaniel R Ferrell
ProducerDaniel R Ferrell, Augusta Riveria Campbell
Starring Keith Johnson, Edward Fields, Pat Prentiss, Princton James, Essex Berry

Blast From The Past (Animation)

A college student struggles to find influential African American historical figures to write about for their essay, receiving help from multiple historical figures... but in an unconventionally entertaining way.

DirectorAria Analise Dines


Filmmakers make the long trip from Brooklyn, New York to Seoul, South Korea, exploring the various trends of Black-American culture hop hip hop music there. Gaining a deeper understanding of the appeal of hip hop music and style in Korea, they follow two underground Korean rappers as well as speak to various other individuals.

DirectorNadia Burgess

Blood at the Root

Blood at the Root is a short film centered around the magical experiences of a young Black man named Malik Baron (Oliver Smith-Perrin) set in the bayou of New Orleans and the magical HBCU Caiman University he attends.

WriterLaDarrion Williams
ProducerLaDarrion Williams, AJ LOVELACE
Starring Oliver Smith-Perrin, Jacquelin Lorraine Schofield, Dejean Deterville, DeJuan Christopher, Armie Hicks Jr., Jon Chaffin, Jemar Michael, Shandra Graham


Brothers by blood, best friends by choice. Brian and Brice show what it really means to be your brother’s keeper.

DirectorDamari Butler
WriterBilli Sarafina
ProducerBes Goo Productions
Starring Sean Grant, Cristian Lipps


An 8-year-old girl takes matters into her own hands when her mom denies her information about her dad.

DirectorDaLaura Patton
WriterDaLaura Patton
ProducerDaLaura Patton, Patrick Rodgers
Starring Kamora Wilder, Kaniesha Knight, Shaun Nichols

Color Correction

A young woman is badgered by a hostile neighbor until a deadly virus raises the stakes.

DirectorTeresita Brown
WriterPeter Simms
ProducerTeresita Brown
Starring Teresita Brown, Jasmine Williams, Peter Simms


After having chronic writer’s block, a grieving sister finds solace in virtual reality.

DirectorDaLaura Patton
WriterDaLaura Patton
ProducerDaLaura Patton
Starring Reece Raechelle, Reece Ford, CharlesCurtis-Sanders


Mason Connor Jr. has found trouble in his new neighborhood. He has become the target of Malik and Frankie's vicious attacks. When he reports the incidents and the issues remain, he decides to take matters into his own hands

DirectorLaRita S. Smith
WriterLaRita S. Smith
ProducerLaRita S. Smith
Starring Mesiyah Oduro-Kwarten, Quinniya Hearn, David Woodard

Cookies n’ Cream

When called out for being an "Oreo," Joaquin is thrown into a downward spiral trying to figure out his identity and prove to everyone he is "black enough.” But what does that really mean?

DirectorRyan-Joseph Agboola
WriterRyan-Joseph Agboola
ProducerRyan-Joseph Agboola, Quincy Bell, Dave Mathew Macias
Starring Marcus Phillips, Zachary Mitzel, Brook Thornton, Keith J Bradfor, Carl Walton, Javion Allen


Amidst the unrest of a state due to insurgency rising from the uproar of citizens to end police brutality and a curfew imposed by the government, NNAMDI must choose between the risk of becoming a midwife for the first time for his wife, IVIE, or the danger of taking her to the hospital for proper professional attention.

DirectorOdira Ezejiugo
WriterElla Chikezie, Fortune Animiokhali, Odira Ezejiugo, Chibuzor Aladum
ProducerChris Odeh, Sam Uche Anyamele, Osinachi Okoli-Okpagu, Uyoyou Adia, Stan Nze, Osas Ighodaro, Ella Chikezie
Starring Tonia Chukwurah

Daddy Issues

When a young woman's mother passes, she has to find a way to create a balance between her needy father and husband who adore her

DirectorTrenton Lumpkin
WriterZoie Syke, Cornell Patricks
ProducerTJ Jones
Starring Nirne Brown, Jarrett Michael Collins, John Johnson

Date Night

Set in the city of Lagos, Date Night tells the story of Foyeke, an erotic dancer who meets a seemingly cool guy on social media and decides to go on a date with him. The night starts off right until things get ugly.

DirectorFidelia Unifoh
WriterFidelia Unifoh
ProducerElla Chikezie
Starring Jide J Blaze Oyegbile, Caroline Igben

Divide – Time to Breathe

Gerald, an African American teenager who believes in taking a stance against the injustice to his people, rebels against his father Jerome, a retired police officer who does not agree with the methods implemented by the BLM supporters in 2020. Feeling suffocated and unable to breathe, Gerald lashes out against his father’s opposing beliefs resulting in the imminent divide between them. Tensions rise and Gerald’s mother, Trisha, is caught in the fallout of this modern New York City family as they crumble under the pressures of different ideologies, racial injustice, and being Black in America.

DirectorAnthony Paulino
WriterAnthony Paulino, Laval Alsbrook
ProducerVijaykumar Mirchandani, Jorge Alvarez
Starring Jamel Lewis, Greg Mays, April Armstrong, Brian Post


Brought together to celebrate the holidays, a quiet, peculiar little girl puts a stop to her family’s squabbling and in doing so, finds power within herself.

DirectorMichael Chris
WriterMichael Chris
ProducerMichael Chris
Starring Jamaal Scott, Avary Dawn McCoy, Judith Fluellen, Jerrold Edwards

Eye For An Eye

After a tragic incident, Bernard, a retired police officer, is haunted by the events of that infamous night. Bernard experiences revenge staring back at him in the struggle between relations between civilians and police.

DirectorEverett Hall-McNeill
WriterEverett Hall-McNeill
ProducerEverett Hall-McNeill
Starring Michael Everett Johnson, Martin Lopez, Charlie Dreizen, Eric Cover, Marissa Davies, Todd Shaffer


This mob drama focuses on the powerful African-American crime family, the Kings. When the Don aka "Pops", (the father of the Kings) dies, the King brothers take matters into their own hands, taking out whoever gets in their way on their search in finding out who took out the Don.


Fear of Darkness

A middle aged, coloured skin man struggles through his life with Agoraphobia as he witnesses the news of Police brutality against the Black.

DirectorShubham Gosalia
WriterShubham Gosalia
ProducerShubham Gosalia
Starring Thato Mothobi, Ashley Waweru


A woman is influenced by the cynical exploits of a media outlet.

DirectorDamon Clindinin, Jennifer Dominguez
WriterElie J. Charles, Kahlil Simmons
ProducerDamon Clindinin, Elie J. Charles
Starring Madelyn Badillo, Matthew Cordero, Patrick Crooker, Andre Townsend jr., David Taylor Sr.

Feisty Fighter – The Marnesba Tackett Story

Marnesba Tackett is an unsung hero in the Civil Rights Movement and an NAACP member for over 90 years. Her challenges were not only being a light-skinned person who refused to pass as "white," but also as a woman trying to burst through barriers in a male-dominated world. Thus, she fought against both racial and gender inequality in all she did. Responsible for bringing Martin Luther King to Los Angeles to share his message "we want to be free" with 30,000 people, this close friend of Rosa Parks fought for equality in the insurance industry, for equal housing practices, and was instrumental in desegregating and integrating schools for all children. Referred to as a relentless "feisty fighter," her lifelong activism combined with her strong self-esteem in being a proud Black woman helped pave the way towards equal rights

DirectorLillian Glass
WriterLillian Glass, George Artope
ProducerLillian Glass, George Artope


Charisma Harper, a vulnerable teenager, finds romance and comfort in a charming online boyfriend, Eli. Disturbances in her home life push her into the arms of her newfound love until Eli deceives Charisma. Then she is forced to leave her suburban life.

DirectorBrian Nesbit
WriterBrian Nesbit, Darnice Wright
ProducerDarnice Wright, Tiana Harris
Starring LaMyah, Alonda Brown, Eddie Wright

For Evan’s Sake (Episode 3)

Following the advice of his therapist, Evan tries to find his passion while stuck in quarantine.

DirectorRyan James Hull, E.V. Washington
WriterKiana Garner, Kirstin Lorin, Ryan James, E.V. Washington
ProducerRyan James Hull, Oduduwa Olatunji, E.V. Washington
Starring E.V. Washington, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Lyric Michelle, Eric Aldama, Oduduwa Olatunji, Otesha Bremond, Christina "Poofy" Moffintino


Fresh-M^N is a story of how quickly life can take a turn that you never expected. Faced with choices to do the right thing without questioning the consequences, a group of young men pledging a fraternity find themselves in a position that will alter their life’s journey and make them choose between fulfilling a lifelong dream of being a member of the illustrious fraternity or helping a college freshman who they have never met.

DirectorLetitia McIntosh
WriterLetitia McIntosh
ProducerMatthew Jarjosa
Starring Cherish Jackson, Cedric Coleman, Dhinesh Raja Kannan, Giuseppe LoDuca, Ashley Douglas, Da'Carla Strong


A young boy from Charlotte, NC discovers the difference between playing video games and dealing with Real Life turmoil when a family member becomes ill.

DirectorStephanie Soto
WriterYolanda English
ProducerStephanie Soto, Yolanda English
Starring Yolanda English, Khalid Greenaway, Chynah Munroe, Tristan Thomas

Gramps’ Moving On

When Robert, a grieving widower, is convinced by his millennial grandson to try online dating, he encounters the unexpected and wonders if he could ever again find love and in this new way.

DirectorTanya Huston
WriterTanya Huston
ProducerTanya Huston
Starring Mark Anthony, Takeis Boston

Guns and Stuff

What would you do if you found out the plans of an undercover detective? What if that detective was from Wakanda? Alexander, a 14-year-old African American foster teen, runs away in search of a new life. What seemed like a good start at first quickly unfolds into a series of unexpected events. Events that you would’ve never guessed would happen. Tangzi, an undercover Wakanda detective, is sent to retrieve stolen vibranium from a hardcore gang. As prepared as he was for his mission, he would’ve never guessed a foster teen would be interfering with his plans of success. But, stressed out and not knowing what to do, Tangzi needs to find out how to resolve the situation. Or it will cost him his job. Maybe even his life. Filmmaker age: 14

DirectorAlexander McDaniel
WriterAlexander McDaniel
ProducerLindsay Hopper, Kelly Tighe
Executive ProducerAlexander McDaniel, Sharon McDaniel
Starring Alexander McDaniel, Johnny Crown, Ed Nathan Mecate, Gian Pettus


For Donatus to keep his mother alive, he needs to do all it takes to get clean drinking water.

DirectorDeilvis Mezor
WriterAla Leo
ProducerAla Leo
Starring Ala Leonard, Lina Ikechuju, Ala Nadyne

If It Aint Got That Swing

Trip is an aspiring musician who has one foot in the streets and the other in his music. A lifetime of poor decisions has placed him between the police and the mysterious figure, Mississippi Black, in 1945. He soon finds things are not always what they seem.

DirectorMike A. Pender
WriterMike A. Pender, Atif Lanier
ProducerMike A. Pender, Atif Lanier, Nakia Dillard, Keith Bullard
Starring Atif Lanier, Keith Bullard, Nakia Dillard, Jacinth Sutphin

I Was a 90’s Dancer The Original BBD Dancers

I was a 90's dancer is a digital documentary series highlighting some of the most memorable backup dancers of the 1990s. The pilot episode in this series features the iconic dance group Str8 Ahead better known as The Original BBD Dancers.

DirectorTimiza Sanyika
WriterTimiza Sanyika
ProducerTimiza Sanyika


After a traumatic experience orchestrated by her mother to “cure her,” a teen runs away from home and discovers there is nothing wrong with who she wants to love.

DirectorTrenton Lumpkin
WriterAndrea McGee
ProducerTrenton Lumpkin
Starring Ardale Shephard, Shante Outlaw


Shana LeGrand is a self-centered businesswoman whose narcissism results in a hit-and-run crime. When she leaves the victim for dead, strange occurrences and faces haunt her. She shakes it off until her demons drive her to madness and leave her in a mental prison beyond her wildest fears.

DirectorSatie Gossett
WriterKamala Lane
ProducerKamala Lane, Keturah
Starring Kiziana Jean--Louis, Louislian Colo`n, Joanna DeLane, Oumie Garba


Legacy is a short documentary that provides an intimate look into the life of an artist whose work has had a significant impact on society. Photographer Mark C. explores his process while reflecting on his viral photo of the Black Lives Matter protest in front of Trump Tower.

DirectorBrandon Haynes, Parker Foster
ProducerBrandon Haynes, Parker Foster

Lose to Win

A singer, who lost her mind and her voice, must find a way to rediscover both while overcoming the circumstances of her past and present.

DirectorAntonia Roman
WriterRobert Lee Davis, III
ProducerAntonia Roman, Robert Lee Davis, III
Starring Lana Baugus, Cammie Middleton, Kieona Taliaferro, Michael Calacino, Vanessa Dale Wood


In the modern future, a couple attempts to reconcile their relationship by means of hypothetical environmental reconstruction of their circumstances.

DirectorElisee Junior St Preux
WriterElisee Junior St Preux
ProducerMahalia Latortue
Executive ProducerMark Evans
Starring Jenn McKay, Hotty Mathias


A story about food sovereignty in the black Deep South during a global pandemic and how food and community tie everything and everyone together.

DirectorTom Gorelik, Lani Halliday
ProducerLani Halliday

Love Conquers…

A conflicted young man contemplates coming out to his super religious mother, but what happens next is nothing like either of them expects. Preston suddenly finds himself between a rock and a hard place when he decides to share his authentic self with his pious mother, Sister. Will Preston regret making his mother privy to his sexual orientation? Or will Sister Lee forever rue the day that she chose between the love of her God and that of her son?

DirectorEric Bendross
WriterEric Bendross
ProducerEric Bendross
Executive ProducerEric Bendross, Nikkie Bendross
Starring Nikkie Bendross, Xavier D. Elliton

Man Down

After the racially charged shooting of an unarmed teenager, an officer of color must decide whether to stand on the side of the law or seek justice for his community.

DirectorJonathan Rowan
WriterJonathan Rowan
ProducerJonathan Rowan, Myava Mitchell, Mary Minor, Kirk D. Marshall
Starring Jason Mimms, Joey Coverson, Auriel Branson, Saffran Harris, Lauren McGrath, Rachel Burke


Miguel has always dreamed about Carnival in Rio and decided to visit the city of Rio de Janeiro in the year that the covid-19 pandemic prevented the revelry. Miguel meets Malu and Zé do Cavaco and reveals the unusual reason that brought him to the wonderful city, embarking with his new friends on an atypical and unforgettable carnival.

DirectorIury Pinto, Lucas Carvalho
WriterIury Pinto, Katharine Albuquerque
ProducerIury Pinto, Katharine Albuquerque, Lucas Carvalho
Starring Bernardo Dugin, Katharine Albuquerque, Alan Rocha


In Dakar West Africa, four young apprentice mechanics headed by Mawbé, a disabled person, forge a very strong friendship between them. Despite the difficulties, Mawbé keeps his feet on the ground thanks to the solidarity and sharing spirit of his gang. On a daily basis, he teaches the trade to his loyal gang. One day, Mawbé has a car accident. The children decide to design a memorable keepsake gift for her. For this, they will have to show solidarity, stay motivated and redouble their creativity despite their lack of financial means

DirectorMame Selemane Dieye
WriterMame Selemane Dieye, Laurent Yannick Dorego
ProducerMame Selemane Dieye, Laurent Yannick Dorego
Starring Mamadou BARRY, Boubacar Sidy BA, Lamarane Ba, Souleymane DIALLO

Molly’s Diary

A man searches for clues detailing the disappearance of his wife through a hidden diary he finds that was written by her, finding out she lived a life he had no idea about. Will he find her, or is this all just a big cover up?

DirectorDakarai Akil
WriterDakarai Akil
ProducerDakarai Akil
Starring Keelen Lewis, Reyna Janelle, Corrigan Coleman, Donald Rose, Kimberly New, Marla Joi, Marie France Louie, Detrah Brown

My Skin Is Not A Sin

My Skin Is Not A Sin is a powerful docushort that takes a provocative look at the disparity between the lived experience of Black moms versus White moms. Moreover, plus size model and inspirational speaker Nikkie Bendross and her two sons deliver striking personal accounts with painstaking detail.

DirectorEric Bendross
WriterEric Bendross
ProducerEric Bendross


A young woman's courage hides her abuse only to find she needs the people she's been hiding from to clean up the mess of her retaliation.

DirectorHydeia Muhammad
WriterHydeia Muhammad
ProducerHydeia Muhammad, Lilit Manukyan
Starring Hydeia Muhammad, Logan Slater, Jamall Johnson, Carson Williams

Our First Time

A recently young married couple arrive at their honeymoon suite where they will finally consummate their marriage. But when the revelation of one’s infidelity becomes known, it sends the relationship on a treacherous spin on their most special night.

DirectorEzra Fikru
WriterEzra Fikru
ProducerEzra Fikru
Starring D'andre Noire, Alexis Calderon


Oxtail explores cultural differences and dialect in a light-hearted comical way: embracing Caribbean culture and vibes.

DirectorJoshua Reeves
WriterJoshua Reeves
ProducerTyrone Wright
Starring Paulette Lemard, Luke Chambers, Kane D Allen, Ella Heywood, Pete Gibson

Pastor G. The Exorcism

An out of work Calgarian oil worker turns to religion as the next source of his daily bread. When he encounters spiritual powers, he is forced to face the truth: is he truly called to serve or just serving a call?

DirectorEd Ogum
WriterKimberly Ihekweoba
ProducerOmatta Udalor, Mariah Udalor
Starring Omatta Udalor, Chengis Javeri, Tosin Ogum, Kayla Udalor, Mary Armstrong

Peanut Headz – Black History Toonz (Jesse Owens)

History is always happening! And the Treal Toonz's "Peanut Headz" have got you covered when it comes to sharing quick bits of Black History on people, places and things! In fun and exciting ways! Our subject: Jesse Owens.

DirectorJason Fleurant
WriterJason Fleurant
ProducerJason Fleurant
Starring Nefertiti Danastor, KeAsia Jackson, Quintinna Hill

Peanut Headz – Black History Toonz (Lorraine Hansberry)

History is always happening! And the Treal Toonz's "Peanut Headz" have got you covered when it comes to sharing quick bits of Black History on people, places and things! In fun and exciting ways! Our subject: Peanut Headz - Lorraine Hansberry.

DirectorJason Fleurant
WriterJason Fleurant
ProducerJason Fleurant
Starring Nefertiti Danastor, KeAsia Jackson, Quintina Hill

Pardoned Souls

Pardoned Souls reminds us that looks can be deceiving and takes us through the childhood conflict in two young girls’ lives. One is an obvious ill-tempered bully. One a seemingly meek and docile pushover. It makes us look closer and listen harder. Its infectious sense of inner strength makes us find our own inner strength regardless of circumstances. We see a woman take a childhood lesson and grow into a person who stands for what is right and just, regardless of past mistakes. We see forgiveness, one of the hardest emotions there is to give and bestow upon ourselves. We see it bloom because of one little girl.

DirectorCalvin Standifer
WriterLisa Hargrove, Calvin Standifer
ProducerLisa Hargrove, Calvin Standifer
Starring Lisa Hargrove, Heavenlee Wilson, Jayla Thomas, Riley Standifer, Albert Gay, Linda Barnes-Caldwell

Run George

Run George is the story of a young man named George who is in dire straits and is about to reach a boiling point in his life. We meet him on a day in which he is in desperate need of a lot of money in order to pay his rent and continue to lead his ordinary life. He goes to his local bar and enters a pool competition in which he can make money by playing and winning against previous pool champions. Luckily George happens to be the best pool player around, but unfortunately he also happens to be an alcoholic. The irony is that the more he drinks, the better he gets. After getting paralytic, he manages to win the entire competition and acquire the money needed to pay his debts and live his best life. George wakes up the next day without any idea of whether or not he won and if he did, where the money is. His journey becomes a mission to recover the details of his night and while doing this, he finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant and there are very dangerous men looking for him.

DirectorVuyani Makausu
WriterBongani Dube, Shanray Van Wyk
ProducerVuyani Makausu
Starring Ebenhaezer Dibakwane


Michael is a straight-A black student at West-Berry High School. His parents believe that this is beneficial to him in order to experience different people from all walks of life. Michael goes to class, does his work, and participates to the best of his ability. Unfortunately, this makes Michael an “Oreo.” Whenever he answers or does something good or profound, he is undermined by his black peers. These experiences make Michael have a severe identity crisis in which he begins to question his “blackness.” Michael often excludes himself from white and black students or activities associated with the two. He continues to go to class but he’s simply going through the motion. All of this comes to an abrupt halt when a traumatic experience solidifies his identity. He then must make a choice of how he’s going to continue to live his life after this experience.

DirectorTrevorM. Edwards
WriterTrevorM. Edwards
ProducerCourtland Sutton, Mirrah Barksdale
Starring Norlian Lambe, Roxie Johnson, Emmanuel Kerry, Liam Harrington

Shade Diaries

A short documentary film focusing and exploring the taboo topic of Colourism/Shadeism. This film questions discrimination whilst exploring several different personal experiences. My aims are to bring the topic of colourism to life and raise awareness to all through interviews with ethnic women with stories to tell.

DirectorAshleigh Archer
WriterAshleigh Archer
ProducerAshleigh Archer

Shadow Bay Park

A group of five friends find themselves deep in the woods of Shadow Bay Park in search of a party. After discovering two dead bodies in the woods, the friends start to question whether they are next and who among them might be helping the enemy.

DirectorDJ Cameron
WriterDJ Cameron
ProducerDJ Cameron
Starring Saylor Lake, Rhe'a Hughes, Hunter Booth, Derek Rojan, DJ Cameron, Jonathan Tirado


Sip is a 3D animated short that explores the inner world of our soul. It is a deeply conscious and spiritual work that takes a deep dive into the internal battles of the mind, which is all too familiar with many people. It is a stark reminder that all humans are fighting a battle to become better people.

DirectorDuru Azubuike
WriterChimezie Nwagbo
ProducerFerdinand Ladi Adimefe

Son of Sheba

In 950 BC, the relationship between the Queen of Sheba and her son is strained when he learns a life-changing secret about his father that the queen has hidden for his entire life.

DirectorGino R. Payne
WriterGino R. Payne
ProducerMario Payne, Devin Teer
Starring Maxie McClintock, Marcus Hopkins Turner

Still We Thrive

Archived footage of Black history from the Caribbean, United Kingdom, United States and the African continent is interwoven with Black actors speaking directly to camera. Included are poems “A Negro Dreams of Rivers” by Langston Hughes and “Yemoja” by Olive Senior. The film is a balm to Black people's mental health now being assailed by images of violence and trauma.

DirectorCampbell X
WriterCampbell X
ProducerAshitey Akomfrah

Super Dad

A first-time Dad gets the wildest turn of events on what was meant to be just a peaceful day off work when he wakes into a tedious task he was clearly unprepared for: babysitting.

DirectorJudah Danjuma Ndanusa
WriterMakouchi Okafor
ProducerMakouchi Okafor


A message to women to stay alert and be mindful of their surroundings.

DirectorParis Nicole
WriterParis Nicole
ProducerParis Nicole
Starring Paris Nicole, Dean Stewart

The Art of Procurement

Destiny, an entitled fashionista, purchases a dress form from a local consignment shop, but when strange things start to happen, she must humble herself before it's too late.

DirectorTrenton Lumpkin
WriterAnita Williams
ProducerCornell Patrick, Tj Jones
Starring Shavonia Jones, Danielle Maner, Kiana Washington

The Confessional

When a conflicted seminary student struggles with his desires that call his moral integrity into question he enlists the help of a new AI, Reba.

DirectorDeZell Lathon
WriterDeZell Lathon
ProducerDeZell Lathon
Starring DeZell Lathon, Ashford Thomas, Sierra Mckie

The Conversation

After the killing of George Floyd, protests spread like wildfire throughout the US. On the eve of the 2020 presidential election, the Black Lives Matter movement demands to have a conversation with America. This short documentary offers an intimate glimpse into the heart of the Black Lives Matter movement in the capital of Texas, through the unique lens of a European black woman who has just moved to the US.

DirectorLouise Van Assche
WriterLouise Van Assche
ProducerLouise Van Assche

Thee Who Hesitates…

On April 24th, 2021, I got my 2nd vaccination shot. It came with a tinge of hope as I'd been locked down like the rest of the world for over a year. Now mere months later, with the Delta variant running rampant, the vaccination rates of African-Americans have slowed and we're on the brink of another shutdown and outbreak. Why? In “Thee Who Hesitates,” I explore my own journey to getting vaccinated and ponder the question of why African-Americans and people of color are still hesitant to get theirs even as the disease continues to spread.

DirectorKelly Perine
WriterKelly Perine
ProducerAliya Colvard
Starring Kelly Perine

The Funky Diner Fight

1970's "black cinema exploitation" style action film. Introducing "Black Belt Jim,” a soul brotha living in the wrong era, messing suckas up from left to right.

DirectorKen Adé
WriterKen Adé
ProducerKen Adé

The Magical Root

The Magical Root is a true story about a transformational time in the life of Frederick Douglass. It was the day he decided he was no longer a slave -- but a free man in a slave's body.

DirectorBrandon Miree
ProducerRaymundo Archila, Brandon Miree, Raymundo Archila
Executive ProducerKrista Stiefel, Michelle R. Jones
WriterBrandon Miree
Starring Brandon Miree

The Only Me

A young man learns the importance of being true to yourself.

DirectorClarence Williams IV
WriterClarence Williams IV
ProducerClarence Williams IV, Christina Araujo-Williams, Nevin Chetry
Starring Israel Erron Ford, CeAndra Nelson

The Preacher & The Rabbi

The moral and spiritual partnership of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired their own cultural and racial communities and others to advocate for access, equity, and social justice in America. Many view the serendipity of their collaboration as providential. Their story offers a powerful and meaningful road sign as America travels a divided highway regarding issues of race.

WriterWilliam H. Smith, Ed.D.
ProducerWilliam H. Smith, Ed.D.
Executive ProducerWilliam H. Smith, Ed.D., Craig Rothman,
Starring Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Return To Me

Natalie decides after getting a divorce that she needs to find what makes her happy instead of living a life that everyone approves of. She chooses to leave her church and chooses shamanism. Her family being African American and Christian struggles with her choice and she must stand her ground. She dates a Haitian after her divorce and he helps her realize her spiritual gifts. This relationship also fails, but Natalie works on herself and is being guided by spirit guides into her next relationship

DirectorEthan X Evans
WriterKathryn T Thompson
ProducerKathryn T Thompson
Starring Phillip Rooks II, Kathryn T Thompson, Royal Michelle Coakley, Tyrone Harper, Shaia Scott, Rachell Mann

The Ride

A group of friends go on the road trip of their lives.

DirectorParis Nicole
ProducerParis Nicole

The Right Decision

The story of Frida, a young lady who has a tough decision to make: Leave her job or stay back and face harassment.

DirectorJudah Danjuma Ndanusa
WriterTheodora Onoapoi
ProducerUgochukwu Eluchie, Joyce Nwankwo

The Strong Box

Randall, flat broke and in debt, discovers golden treasure in an ancient strong box. The treasure can be his...if he grants one small request.

DirectorHassan El-Amin
WriterHassan El-Amin
ProducerHassan El-Amin
Starring Joseph Fox, Time Winters

The Trial of Miss Mudimbe

Sarah, an immigrant and student, flees the Congo to build a new life in Canada, only to discover that the man who raped her, a professor at her former university, has found refuge in Canada as well. Tragically, he has no intention of ceasing his abuse of Sarah who takes desperate measures to stop him and protect her fragile freedom in her country of choice.

DirectorMelanee Murray-Hunt
WriterMelanee Murray-Hunt, Omatta Udalor
ProducerOmatta Udalor
Starring Boma Cookey-Gam, Simon Thompson, Katherine McKitrick, Denise Vaille

The Truth About Santa Claus

Soon after an ambitious young teacher accepts a new assignment at a Christian school, she is morally challenged by a traditional Christmas belief held by her students. What will her conscious and conviction lead her to do? Will she be able to face the consequences either way?

DirectorTanya Huston
WriterTanya Huston
ProducerTanya Huston
Starring Naomi Lambert, Lisa Monet Lambert, Kendrick Benson


Pastor Lamont Taylor, his wife Treva, and their son, Timothy have worked diligently to create a place for all people to belong at Liberty in God Church. Their ministry has become the beckon of life and love in the small town of Millington, TN. One snowy, Sunday afternoon all of that changes.

DirectorTymika Chambliss
WriterTymika Chambliss
ProducerTymika Chambliss, Ketrick "Jazz" Copeland, Elgin Cahill
Starring ARTavius Veasey, Ketrick "Jazz" Copeland, LaDeia Joyce


A young man in a bar finds out that he has more in common with the patrons than he bargained for.

DirectorBobby Huntley
WriterBobby Huntley
ProducerEric Rai` Vaun


Darnell gives his co-workers a special going away present!

DirectorKevin Onyeaka
WriterBilli Sarafina
ProducerBilli Sarafina
Starring Rick Kelly


As a scientist convinces millions his therapy will heal the world crisis, a woman desires to experience a romance she will never remember.

DirectorTj Davidson
WriterTj Davidson, Sade Norwood
ProducerTj Davidson
Starring Colby Muhammad, Chadwick Davilsaint


Turfin is a short documentary giving a brief glimpse into the world of the Bay Area street dance called Turf Dancing

DirectorLatiece Brown
ProducerLatiece Brown

Under The Freeway

Under the Freeway is a powerful musical stage play turned into a short film depicting the authenticity of the consequences of life's decisions. You will be exposed to poverty, pain and truth that is in this community of people. Like the "Son of man had nowhere to lay his head", many people who are homeless have nowhere to lay theirs. The short film Under the Freeway, is the reality of day to day life in an encampment.

DirectorBrandi Burks Kesselman, Dale A, Stelly
WriterBrandi Burks Kesselman
ProducerBrandi Burks Kesselman, Dale A, Stelly
Executive ProducerBrandi Burks Kesselman, Dale A, Stelly
Starring Marcus Paulk, Gil Nelson, Janette Auguar, Donisha Brumfield, Dion Vine, Danny DeLloyd


It’s hot, its Summer and its Sadie’s birthday but she doesn’t really feel like celebrating, Black Lives Matter is exploding on the streets of London, there is tension and change in the air. Social media is forcing people to outsource their memories, what does it all mean, where does Sadie fit in? As her party celebrations start to unravel Sadie comes to the realization that she needs to trust her power and face the truth, her own truth as Black woman, what is her place in this world maybe she has been looking in the wrong place and it’s time to visualise a new space?

DirectorAnne Musisi
WriterGeorge Morgan
ProducerPamela Jikiemi
Starring Lara Grace Ilori, Jordan Kouame, Lucia Bonbright, Tom Mackean, Benjamin Westerby, Adam Woolley

Wasted Talent

“Wasted Talent” follows four high school teens who are thrown into detention after a fight. These boys from different worlds come together through their love for music and songwriting. However, their newfound bond is brought to a halt by the harsh reality of the world they come from.

DirectorDerrick Benton
WriterDerrick Benton
ProducerDerrick Benton, Sonia Conlin, Alexis Lisa Rivera
Starring Chetan Cutting, Amber Janea, Ahmad DeChalus, Dexter Phillip, Omari Johnson


Bessong is a village rapist who terrorized an entire village of girls. When he comes into contact with the village goddess who has transfigured into a human just to trap him, he is never the same.



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