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Michael Schultz


Commemorating the 45th Anniversary of the Groundbreaking Film

“Cooley High”


This year’s  S. E. Manly Short Film Showcase features 140 films from across the globe, listed in alphabetical order below.

All films are shorts in length of 60min or less and presents a combination of documentaries and short films, from emerging filmmakers and representing diverse voices and storytelling.


Dates & Tickets

October 23-November 29

This year’s S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase commences October 23rd at 12:00pm PDT and ends November 29th at 11:59pmPDT

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Special Events & Panels






Sunday, November 1st

11:00AM  PDT

The Art of Documentary Filmmaking

Hosted by the The Black Association of Documentary Filmmakers West- BAD West

Moderated by David Massey, Academy Award Nominee



Saturday, November 14th

11:00AM  PDT

Editors on Editing




Saturday, November 21st

11:00AM  PDT

Cinematographers on Cinematography 





Sunday, November 22nd

4:00PM PDT

Black Filmmakers on Social Justice

Hosted by Sandra Evers-Manly, President, BHERC


All panels and special events are free and open to the community.


We look forward to you enjoying the festival.

Congratulations to all our Honorees, Filmmakers, Cast and Crew!

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Festival Dates October 23rd-November 29th 2020
LocationVirtual/Online Streaming via (This Webpage)
Number of Films 143
Tickets $75.00 (All Access Pass); $25.00 (All Day Pass); $10.00 (5 Film Block)

2020 S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase Films

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A young girl and her father go on a turbulent visit to her grandfather’s grave; meanwhile, a chaste nun struggles with her growing desire for a young man.

DirectorKatiana Weems
ProducerCole Watts, Katiana Weems
WriterKatiana Weems
Starring Jasmine Millner, Nicolas Katzman, Sanaa Stover, Katiana Weems


A young college student is consumed by the news of police brutality in the states and unfortunately finds herself dealing with the same issue in the country she calls home.

ProducerAKETCHI KOFFI, Vincent Otieno

2 AM

Brandon is a gifted teen living in poverty, he falls into a life of crime and now the city that created him could destroy him after he goes too far.

DirectorSoweto Bosia
ProducerLaura Avey, Soweto Bosia, Laura Avey, TC Rose
WriterSoweto Bosia, Todd Williams
Starring Jerome Beck, Beatrice Williams, Huy Nguyen, Cleveland Clark, David Bianco, Lataryion Perry

21 Days of April

Photographer and gallery owner, Courtney LeGarde is completely caught off guard when April Meyers makes a surprise visit and takes his breath away. When Courtney invites April to join him for a photography excursion around the city, their reminiscing stirs up an emotional bond neither April nor Courtney anticipated.

DirectorStacey Evans Morgan
ProducerVincent Powell, Stacey Evans Morgan
WriterStacey Evans Morgan
Starring Brittoni Sinclair, Borge Etienne, Zaria Simone, Jor 'el Quinn

A Natural Choice

Carleen, a proud, beautiful black sister, is confronted by her boss about her hairstyle.

DirectorHarrell D. Williams, Sr.
WriterHarrell D. Williams, Sr.
ProducerHarrell D. Williams, Sr.
Starring Latoya DeCosta, Sara McNinch, Isaiah Walker, Khiley Morrow, Niesha D. Bentley, Shayla Reed

Ain’t God Alright

After losing his job and getting dumped, Eugene Middlebrooks has one objective -- GET a job! The struggling musician finds himself running into a few old and new friends, experiencing pain, disappointment and triumph while learning what really matters in life.

DirectorRasheed Lanier, Andrew J. Bullard IV
WriterAndrew J. Bullard IV
ProducerAndrew J. Bullard IV
Starring Andrew J. Bullard IV, India Corley, Joseph Fountain, Keilah Brownlee, Dan Lyons, Mary Beth Torgerson

All the Smoke

An Alt-Right couple makes an unexpected stop on their way to a rally. Viewer Discretion Advised: Gore, Violence

DirectorKarim Massaquoi
WriterKarim Massaquoi
ProducerKarim Massaquoi
Starring Alexander Matherne, Gerald McDougle, Saisha Lee, Madeline Read

Almost Invisible

Transmen of color feeling unseen in the climate of today's world

DirectorOnyx Keesha
ProducerNikkolas Wells, Onyx Keesha

Americans in Africa: Why We Left America to Live in Africa

Brian, Rukiya and Marcus don't know each other but all three have decided to leave their home in the US and move to Namibia, Tanzania and Uganda respectively. While some African Americans recently relocated because they see Africa as a safe haven from racism, others say they moved for their children.

DirectorNjoroge Muigai
ProducerNjoroge Muigai
Starring Rukiya Mcnair, Brian Wheeler, Marcus Pace


An African Pentecostal Pastor questions everything she believes after a life-changing event.

DirectorTomisin Adepeju
ProducerEarleatha Oppon, Tony Longe
WriterTomisin Adepeju
Starring Tomi Ogunjob, Tunde Bella, Femi Ogunjobi, Krystine Atti, Emeka Sesay, Kemi Lofinmakin


A couple drive to the beach to say their final goodbye -- one does not return.

DirectorBenmio McCrea
WriterJ.D. Phillips
ProducerNatasha McCrea
Starring J.D. Phillips, Vivian Ngo

Atlanta Black Tech Mecca

Taking a look at the emerging Black Tech Ecosystem in Atlanta, Georgia while highlighting leaders in the industry and celebrating diversity and inclusion.

DirectorC'vonzell Dondrico, Vante' Gregory
ProducerC'vonzell Dondrico, Joe Howell
Executive ProducerC'vonzell Dondrico, Teresa Davis
WriterSarah Edwards, Sean B. Simmons


Bringing awareness to the more than 65,000 black women missing in America.

DirectorDrew Tank Garrett
WriterDrew Tank Garrett
ProducerDrew Tank Garrett


A disturbed father escapes to the desert for one final game of hide and seek.

DirectorKyle McConaghy
WriterAaron Phifer, Kyle McConaghy
ProducerAaron Phifer
Starring Aaron Phifer

Ball Do Lie: The Story of Light Bulb

A documented look at a former basketball star and his journey to confront the events that led to his downfall. Viewer Discretion Advised: Blurred Nudity

DirectorLucas Abreau, Zachary Arthur
WriterZachary Arthur, Lucas Abreau
ProducerLucas Abreau, Zachary Arthur
Starring Lucas Abreu, Zachary Arthur

Between The Pages

Shawn Houston, an adventurous young boy is forced to move to LA and stay at his grandparent’s house for the summer. Left in a new city, with no friends and no Wifi, he begins to explore the house and discovers his grandfather's magical book which sucks him in on an adventure traveling the world, through space and time.

DirectorNicole L. Thompson
OtherFranklin Okike - Animator
WriterNicole L. Thompson
ProducerNicole L. Thompson
Starring Siree Morris Jr., Stephanie Anuwe, Malcolm Minor

Black Girl, Bleu

A short documentary featuring interviews with Black women about the "Strong Black Woman" myth and how it impacts the mental health challenges they’ve been through, faced and overcome. Viewer Discretion Advised: Abuse, Violence, Mature Content

DirectorSharee Silerio
WriterSharee Silerio
ProducerSharee Silerio

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is the story of three lives intertwining on one ordinary June afternoon. Three different perspectives... Priya dealing with unemployment; Grace struggling with current events; and Rita working on her next hit song.

DirectorAshna Sharan
EditorShannan Burrell
WriterAshna Sharan
ProducerAshna Sharan
Starring Ashna Sharan, Lanett Tachel Proctor, Kanika Lal

Blind Tom

A 19th century slave, Thomas "Blind Tom" Wiggins, was an African American pianist. He was considered to be one of the best-known American composers of his time. Viewer Discretion Advised: Language

DirectorLuis Antonio Rodriguez
WriterLuis Antonio Rodriguez
ProducerLuis Antonio Rodriguez
Starring Terence Pennywell, Guy Ellis, Jody Ryan, Heath Huffstetter


A young man desperately tries to recall what happened when he lost track of time in the woods.

DirectorAlexander Hernandez
ProducerShawn D. Holt
WriterAlexander Hernandez
Starring Jackson Chintha, Kazia Steele, Alien Creature

Casualty of Time

A Marine becomes a Casualty of Time in his own life as he refuses to leave his father alone until he is chased down by himself and explained the impact of his choice onto his father

DirectorJeremiah Jahi
ProducerDele Ogundiran, Jeremiah Jahi
WriterJeremiah Jahi
Starring Melvin Ishmael Johnson, DeJuan Christopher

Celeste’s Dreams

When a creative young woman becomes the same age her mother was when she passed, her life stagnates, forcing her to reconcile a longstanding fear. Viewer Discretion Advised: Language

DirectorIona Morris
ProducerSherri G. Sneed
WriterIona Morris
Starring Cameo, Nic Few, Penny Johnson Jerald, Phil Morris, Denise Dowse

Charles Curtis Blackwell

Portrait of San Francisco Bay Area African-American poet/artist Charles Curtis Blackwell

DirectorJeff M. Giordano
ProducerJeff M. Giordano

Coco Blue

Coco, a young sex worker, struggles to keep her musical dreams hidden from her pimp, until she meets a musician who encourages her to pursue them. Viewer Discretion Advised: Language, Abuse/Violence

DirectorJavier Badillo
WriterKendra Westwood
ProducerKendra Westwood, Jay Kamal, Javier Badillo
Starring Kendra Westwood, William 'Big Sleeps' Stewart, William S. Taylor


When Ruby Oliver loses her big brother (Marty) and only friend to gun violence, she uses a VR game for a chance to talk to his “data life”, an identical data version of Marty. When she enters the game, she realizes that the game doesn’t fully recognize girls as players. In fact, it treats them as a virus. In order to function - as computers do - it’s objective becomes a decision to deplete all female players in the game – including Ruby.

DirectorSigin Ojulu
WriterSigin Ojulu
ProducerSigin Ojulu, Rom Lotan, Irina Slepneva
Executive ProducerJoachim Schoss, Rich Licht, Jimmy Jean-Louis
Starring Jimmy Jean-Louis, Kira J Pinkney, DeCory, Sebrina Purcell, Cozy DesRoches, Sigin Ojulu

Color Blind

A remorseful police officer struggles to cope with the fact that he mistakenly killed an unarmed teenager while trying to make amends with his wife and the teen's mother.

DirectorShaun Mathis
WriterShaun Mathis
ProducerShaun Mathis, Justin Toulon, George Cash Boykin
Starring Bryan Terry Snell, Tarnesha Small, Topher Fredd

Commitment In The Face of COVID-19

A short story on a young female college student, who’s adjusting to her Universities transition from in-person to online learning for the rest of 2020 . She is trying to navigate through this personal experience.

DirectorPeter Okojie
WriterPeter Okojie
ProducerTeanna Woods
Starring Emane Henderson


Cycles explores the mental manipulation involved in grooming, abusing and repeating the toxic cycle of human trafficking. Watch how Kenny, a Los Angeles pimp, favors one girl to the next while breaking anything left in them. Viewer Discretion Advised: Language, Violence

DirectorPauline Dyer
WriterPauline Dyer
ProducerPauline Dyer
Starring Jaa Berry, Tanisha Pope, Pauline Dyer, Briana Alberktsen Winslow, Shawn Cornist


Diagnosed as being bipolar and mentally unstable, a middle-aged man battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, reveals how he was sexually molested by his elder sister who is presently a prominent Human Rights Activist. Viewer Discretion Advised: Abuse/Violence, Sexual Content


Dear Carefree Black Girl

Dear Carefree Black Girl is a spoken word piece; a letter to little black girls and the little black girl inside all black women. It serves love, reminders, correction, and encouragement to remind us of our beauty and our worth.

DirectorTryphena Wade
WriterTryphena Wade
ProducerTryphena Wade
Starring Tryphena Wade, Nteliseng Nkhela, Ananelwe Nkhela Duma


The survival journey of a lady with Antisocial Personality Disorder while trying to fit into a community that doesn't accept her. Viewer Discretion Advised: Language, Sexual Situations

DirectorDaniel Eronlan
WriterElla Chikiezie, Daniel Eronlan
ProducerDaniel Eronlan
Starring Gbubemi Ejeye, Tonia Chukwurah

Doom & Safety

Many in this part of the world has suffered loss of their loved ones due to the lack of enlightenment that our environment plays a major role in our health and well being. In our environment lies our Doom & Safety.



Inspired by Rochelle Ballantyne, the First African American Female to pursue Chess Master Candidate. While mourning the loss of her Grandmother, a troubled young girl, Rochelle suffers a living nightmare of eviction, homelessness and bullying. However, all is not lost when her Grandmother's spirit pays Rochelle one last visit for one last lesson that helps her overcome her demons and starts her on her path to success.

DirectorCherrelle e'Lan
WriterCherrelle e'Lan
ProducerCherrelle e'Lan, Kayden Phoenix, Beverly Robinsn, Angela
Starring Cherrelle e'Lan, Gabrielle Rosser, Maia, Racquel Marshall, Phoenix Nicholson, Michael Luckett, Storm Bell, Jasmin Brown, Mariah Tavares, Lailani Darville, Marcus Hamm

Dryer Man

A 9 year-old boy wrote, directed, and starred in this short film about a 10 year-old who tells his mom about a dream, which she takes lightly.

DirectorElohim Nycalove
ProducerMercedes Chavez, Elohim Nycalove
WriterElohim Nycalove
Starring Elohim Nycalove, Mercedes Chavez


A little girl sees a duplicate of herself at a park and wonders why.

DirectorAljamel Echols
WriterAljamel Echols
ProducerAljamel Echols
Starring Nae’lani Echols

Empty Tray

Daniel Witiwiti is stuck with his son in the house in the middle of a small town which is under lockdown. He can't go out, yet he has no food in the house to feed his son.


Every Vote

Every vote matters, even if it may not seem like it at times. Viewer Discretion Advised: Language

DirectorCalvin J Walker
WriterCalvin J Walker
ProducerNicole Carouthers, Dehz Donahue
Starring Wilbur Penn, Christopher Dontrell Piper, Joshua Reed, Nicole Carouthers, Kerry McCormick


Vincent, a college freshmen, finds himself in a dangerous situation when he becomes involved with the secret pledging of an on-campus fraternity. Viewer Discretion Advised: Language, Violence

DirectorCalvin J Walker
ProducerNicole Carouthers, Calvin J Walker
Executive ProducerNicole Carouthers
WriterCalvin J Walker
Starring Van Stripling II, Princeton Marcellis, Diamond Hicks, Kenneisha Thompson, Tracey Dukes


Issa, 20 years old, is about to get out of jail, when he meets Gaetan a young inmate who has not served his sentence yet. Viewer Discretion Advised: Language, Mature Content, Violence

DirectorJosza Anjembe
WriterJosza Anjembe
ProducerNelson Ghrenassia
Starring Alassane Diong, Yoann Zimmer, Emile Fofana


Genesis is an animated short film about being creative and loving what you create! Inspired by the book of Genesis.

DirectorPhilip Page
ProducerPhilip Page
WriterPhilip Page, Bethany Anderson
Starring Bethany Anderson, Desiree Dixon

Gravel Wounds

A mother struggling with alcohol addiction tries to put the pieces of her life back together.

DirectorDemarcus Brown
WriterJess Waters
ProducerDaeus Brown
Starring Monique Nuebles, Adriene Brathswaithe, Davie Brown, Caylie Jones

Hair Masters

Know the story of two Tanzanian migrants who left their homeland looking for new job opportunities in Mozambique working in the beauty field.

DirectorDouglas Condzo
WriterDouglas Condzo
ProducerDouglas Condzo
Starring Yakubu Singoya, Ismail Isuf, Shelves Matunduane

Help The Climate Change

A young girl from the Caribbean nation of St.Vincent and the Grenadines shares here opinions on climate change. Family/Kid Friendly

DirectorAkley Olton
WriterAkley Olton
Starring Natialia Olton

Holidays of Horror

A group of friends decide to go hang out with the new girl for what they think will be the start of a very happy holiday. Viewer Discretion Advised: Violence, Gore

DirectorLaMont Chaney II
ProducerAerial Livingston, Kilian Gilroy
WriterAerial Livingston
Starring Nicole Acosta, Treviar Hartsfield, Jaylen Hobdy, Brandon Hall, Rebecca Crum

I Am Here

Highlighting the journey of Ms. Aml Ezzat who studied at Berkins school and dreams of establishing a similar school in Egypt, when she is shocked by the law that there is no place for children with more than one disability in any school in Egypt even the schools for disabled children.

DirectorManar Tawhied Elzohery
WriterManar Tawhied Elzohery
ProducerHope City Foundation

I Need; I Want

Matt Redcrop and Kayla Ross are struggling performing artists and lovers who have their sights set on the big-time. They are sharpening their skills under the tutelage of one of the toughest acting coaches in America, Shelley Isaacson.

WriterBill Liggins
Starring Shawn Francis, Milly Figuereo, Karen Maitzen

I’m Good Bro Unmasking Black Male Depression

This documentary follows the journey of individuals with firsthand experience dealing with depression from the perspective of those who have personally dealt with or who have been diagnosed with the disease. This film also provides professional insight from counselors, license professional therapists and spiritual advisers.

DirectorCorbin Coleman, Charles Crouch
WriterCorbin Coleman, Charles Crouch
ProducerCorbin Coleman, Charles Crouch
Starring Charles Crouch, Michelle Chambers, Dr. Damon Cromwell, Dr. TreShawn Anderson, Dar'Ron Anderson, Lamont Joe, Bronal Gary

I Seen God

A short film based on two friends who express their love at the wrong time.

DirectorDomonick Jones
WriterDomonick Jones
ProducerDomonick Jones
Starring Jittima Camara, Armani McNulty, Collie Jay Simmons, Tony Celenie

I’m Not Special

An eleven year-old with Down Syndrome has a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate as an athlete in the Special Games. As his drug dependent father battles through his struggle of fatherhood and addiction, his son's athletic future remain in jeopardy.

DirectorLarry Ulrich
WriterLarry Ulrich
ProducerSandra Evers-Manly, Edward Morrison, Larry Ulrich
Starring Julius Jordan, Larry Ulrich, Stevie White, Sayaka Miyatani, Armond Kinard, Jonathon Amaya


During the cornavirus pandemic London lockdown a mother has to leave her two children at home while on call to the hospital at night. While the older sister is looking after her brother little does she know what terrors the night will bring and if she is home safe and sound.

DirectorImole Lee Dixon
ProducerSacha Allari
WriterImole Lee Dixon
Starring Taylah-Mia Dixon, Tristan Dixon, Candice Sterling, Melanie Crossey, Ezzet-Charbel Baccache

It Can Happen To You

It Can Happen To You is based on true events that happened at a Philadelphia Starbucks in April 2018 leading to the arrest of 2 black males. Rob, a single dad, and Nell, who has a child on the way, go through their day dealing with family and work life as they are preparing for an important business meeting with a real estate investor that will hopefully change their lives. Little do they know the change will not come from the business meeting but what happens before the meeting can start. Viewer Discretion Advised: Language

DirectorChop Mosley
ProducerChelsea Scruggs, Rebecca Goins
WriterChop Mosley
Starring Francisco Joseph, Will Powell

January 14th

A young couple’s anniversary takes a bittersweet turn when a police officer pulls the husband over on a questionable traffic stop. Inspired by true events. Viewer Discretion Advised: Violence, Language

DirectorLa'Chris Jordan
ProducerToni Bullock, La'Chris Jordan, Toni Bullock
Starring Jasmine Runnels, Tyree Jamar, Tabitha Mitchell, Brian Badolato


“John” is a short film about a man who seeks love & acceptance despite the obstacles & challenges that he has to endure. This is a story about overcoming your fears and seeing the beauty in yourself and in others.

DirectorRomel Rose
WriterRomel Rose
ProducerRomel Rose, Charles Opong, Shanta Smith, Shanta Smith
Starring Nicholas Marrinson, Ennifer Bevans

Jwohnjovouchor and Yiiiii Kakai Voice of Waste Masks

The film is a glimpse into the mind of the Artist called "Jwhonjovouchor" and how he uses his environment and the circumstances around him to create his Artwork.

DirectorTogbe Gavua
WriterTogbe Gavua
ProducerTogbe Gavua
Starring Ed Franklin Gavua

K.I.N.G. (Kid In Need of Guidance)

A troubled kid ventures into an unfamiliar city seeking to bond with his estranged father.

DirectorRashad Frett
WriterRashad Frett
ProducerPierre M. Coleman, Chester Algernal, Elegance Bratton
Starring Jadiah Bailey, Janice Dias, Yarc Lewinson, Berthda Angelo Lambret, Britain Monsanto, Malachi Inniss, Michkael McKenzie, Sy Jackson

Keep your Flowers

Fleeing her abusive husband, a woman musters up strength and decides to face her abuser head on.

DirectorSekou Browne
WriterSekou Browne, Ivory Adams
ProducerRuwak Films
Starring Ivory Adams

Killing Joanne

A woman is struggling with mental illness and addiction. Her family life is tortured. She must do something before everything is destroyed. Viewer Discretion Advised: Language, Mature Content, Sexual Situations

DirectorKenya Cagle
WriterKenya Cagle, Nixon Cesar
ProducerKenya Cagle, Nixon Cesar
Starring Yeshe Pfeifer, Ivasn Goris


Hair By Susi and Ok Afica produced the experimental hair festival and the video was recorded by Alexandre Maciel

DirectorAlexandre Maciel
ProducerAlexandre Maciel

Leave Us Here

A woman takes her grandmother for a drive and all hell breaks loose.

DirectorTari Wariebi
ProducerTari Wariebi, Jordan Tyrner
Starring Lauren E. Banks, Starletta Dupois


A newlywed couple questions if they will make it through their first day of marriage. Will they?

DirectorRob Vickers
WriterRob Vickers
ProducerRob Vickers
Starring Percy Bell, Nijah Reed


Following a controversial political election in the Republic of Congo, eighteen-year-old Bria Emboko finds herself caught between her father’s loyalty to the government and the growing dissent of the citizens around her. She begins to question the oppressive environment she is accustomed to and as she interacts with people her father deems “rebels”, Bria finds solace in twenty-year-old Didienne Ngaga. Confident and fun-loving, Didienne is entirely sure of herself despite the chaos around them. Bria grows closer to Didienne and despite great disapproval, their relationship blossoms into something much more than Bria ever expected.

DirectorClaire Gostin
WriterAna Telfer
ProducerAodhan Ozawa Burns, Samantha Sadoff
Starring Sigin Ojulu, Joy Sunday, Tito Londole, PeterJohn Minto, Jean-Michel Richaud, Newton Mayenge

Mama Lova

Adèle has just lost her teenage son during a gang fight. Aimless by the slow progress of the investigation, she cannot grieve and almost forgets her two other children. After a violent altercation, Adèle decides to take some boxing classes. She will have to be brave and fight to protect her children. Viewer Discretion Advised: Mature Content, Language, Violence

DirectorJeff Taver


I wrote “Matter” when the protests started happening nationally for the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement. I was creating a lot of art, at the time, (both visual and sonic) in tribute to Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery etc…A lot of the visuals used in the video are those very same pieces.

DirectorBrittany Campbell
WriterBrittany Campbell
ProducerBrittany Campbell
Starring Brittany Campbell

Mickey Hardaway

A young sketch artist visits a well renowned psychiatrist as his life begins sprawling out of control after years of physical and verbal abuse has taken a toll on him. Viewer Discretion Advised: Abuse, Violence

DirectorMarcellus Cox
WriterMarcellus Cox
ProducerMarcellus Cox
Starring Stephen Cofield Jr, David Chattam, Charlz Williams, Rashad Hunter

Monkeys In The Park

A young man seeks an elder for fortification but gets a third eye instead.

DirectorNonso Ucheaga
WriterSanni Ayodeji
ProducerSanni Ayodeji
Starring Olulade Adeniyi, Jude Dubem

Morning After

A man who just discovered that his ten year-old daughter is not his, seeks answers. But the truth he seeks comes at a cost... A deadly one! Viewer Discretion Advised: Abuse, Violence

DirectorChibuike Ibe
WriterNkeoma Umudu
ProducerNkeoma Umudu
Starring Chuks Chyke, Nkeoma Umudu, Bella Ike, Priscilla Agbosasa

Mrs. Taylor’s Show and Tell – A Prince Story

Disabled filmmaker Victor Dean has a knack for engaging with extraordinary people in an endearing and down-to-earth way. This animated short tells the tale of a chance encounter-turned-serendipitous elevator ride with His Royal Badness, Prince, The Purple One back in 2001. Viewer Discretion Advised: Mature Content

DirectorVictor Dean
WriterVictor Dean
ProducerVictor Dean, Ericka Dean
OtherDylan Speeg

Murder Party

A party goes south when a group of friends put their lives at risk to help their friend hide his infidelity. Viewer Discretion Advised: Gore, Language, Mature Content

DirectorCortez Andre, Johnny Docs, David Ragon
WriterCortez Andre
ProducerCyberstars Detroit
Starring David Ragon, Cortez Andre, Indiana Rose, Johnny Docs, Gianna Rose

My Little Black Girl

Like every night, a dad put his baby daughter to bed in a moment of complicity, sweetness, passionate debates and foolishness. Tonight’s mood is different, as painful events affect the world, it’s time for him to have a conversation with her.

DirectorBamar Kane
WriterBamar Kane
ProducerBamar Kane
Starring Bamar Kane

Need A Dolla

Rushing out the door to catch the bus to a interview for his dream job, Akeem soon realizes he left his bus money at home. During an encounter with a homeless man at the bus stop, Akeem learns humility and accepts help from this unexpected ally.

DirectorQuinton Cameron
ProducerDominique Stango
WriterQuinton Cameron
Starring Chris Rouse, Courtney McDonald, Kimberly Leath, Quinton Cameron

Never Too Late

Jammal Ibrahim

DirectorEric Fisher
WriterEric Fisher
ProducerEric Fisher, Vanessa Herron
Starring Chidi Ajufo, Angela White

Nkoza & Nankya, Enjovu, The Elephant Tail

Maama Nankya shares a bedtime story with Nankya, featuring a song called Enjovu. The story is based on an old folk tale and Luganda nursery rhyme we used to sing as kids growing up in Uganda, with an awesome moral of teaching kids to never ever be ashamed of who they are. Enjoy and teach your child a cool Luganda word: An Elephant is called Njovu in Luganda.

DirectorSolomon W Jagwe
ProducerNerissa K Jagwe
WriterSolomon W Jagwe, Nerissa K Jagwe
Starring Diana Lwanga, Jasmyn Jagwe, Solomon Jagwe Jr

No Cap

Sasha Littleton is a career driven, hopeless romantic millennial seeking love in Atlanta. Despite her success and good looks, she always fall short in that one area . Sasha often dwells on her unrealistic narrative of, "All men in Atlanta are Cap," but she never realizes that maybe it's her own lack of authenticity that is causing her mishaps. Viewer Discretion Advised: Langage, Mature Content, Sexual Situations

DirectorShaquayla Mims
ProducerBrandie Foreman
WriterBrandie Foreman
Starring Jennifer Renee, Johnny Rodney, Derek Rose

No Escape

After being abused and humiliated by his alcoholic step father, and without a strong support from his mother, an 18 year-old teenager goes on a quest to find his biological father and leave the toxic environment of his home. Viewer Discretion Advised: Abuse, Language, Violence

DirectorLaMarcus Tinker
WriterJamar Bruce
ProducerJoan Montreuil, Jamar Bruce, LaMarcus Tinker
Starring Angel Henson-Smit, Sean Johnson Jr, Dominyck McCargo

Normal: The Documentary

Normal: The Documentary follows the life of Garren Edwards and his upbringing, which shaped his trajectory into music.

DirectorTari Wariebi
WriterNicole Blaylock
Executive ProducerNicole Blaylock, Edina B, Garren Edwards
Starring Garren Edwards

O.J.’s Laugh

October 3, 1995. Two exe's (he's black, she's white) cross paths and reignite their relationship on one of the most racially charged days in history: the day of the O.J. Simpson verdict. Will past emotional baggage, and the dividing lines of race, keep them apart? Viewer Discretion Advised: Langage, Sexual Situations

DirectorKareem Ferguson, David Mcmillan
WriterDavid McMillan
ProducerMalcolm Bodon, Kareem Ferguson
Starring Tarah Pollock, Kareem Ferguson, Roy Vongtama

One Life To Blossom

One Life to Blossom is a documentary film that follows the life of black transgender activist and entertainer Blossom C. Brown as she undergoes her dream of getting face feminization surgery all within a year before making headlines at the 2019 CNN LGBTQ Town Hall.

DirectorAlexandrina Andre
ProducerNestor Hernandez, Alexandrina Andre
Starring Blossom C. Brown


The prevalent selfish nature of man is showcased recurrently in many regards. However, time is that factor that constantly humbles man. Horology has proven the dominance of the concept of time over man. This pressure exerted by time forces man to expedite the self discovery process, thereby leading to a daily battle with nature. The foresight is lost in man’s selfish pursuit - losing the essence of the value and serenity of nature.

DirectorJammal Ibrahim
WriterJammal Ibrahim
ProducerJammal Ibrahim
Starring Barthelemy Ndane Senghor, Wana Wana, Kewe Lo


Five black bodies experience phenomena that alter reality in an absurd and unexpected way.

DirectorAlexander S. Buck
ProducerEder Formigoni
WriterAlexander S. Buck


Adetoro and Rashad, two young men from two different backgrounds living in the same neighborhood. With tension between the two men based off differences and a heated argument in the local barbershop, a situation arises that forces them to look to each other for safety. Viewer Discretion Advised: Langage

DirectorOmó Pastor
ProducerJalea Jackson
WriterOmó Pastor
Executive ProducerGregory St. Fort, Lola Balogun
Starring Andrew Drake, Stephen Ojo, Mama Sade


After the death of his son, a father keeps his promise to his son after it seemed they had ran out of time for it to be fulfilled. "Promise" is based on a true story. My story.

DirectorRobert Keith Biven
WriterRobert Keith Biven
ProducerRobert Keith Biven
Starring Robert Keith Biven

Quarantine Life

A young 9 year-old Mexican/African American boy wrote & directed how he entertains himself at home during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

DirectorElohim Nycalove, Mercedes Chavez
WriterElohim Nycalove
ProducerElohim Nycalove, Mercedes Chavez
Starring Elohim Nycalove

Rat A Baby Race

Mzee Badi demands a grandchild from his children or else he'll write them out of his will. They plot and scheme to produce offspring until the name of the biological father of Bella's 2 daughters is revealed.

DirectorAbubakar Mwenda
WriterAbubakar Mwenda
ProducerKauthar Kangethe,Abubakar Mwenda and Rukia Ali,
Starring Phibbian Muthama, Joseph Gachanja, Tash Mitambo, Hassanati Mutungi, Simon Kaesa, Ann Mwai, Abubakar Mwenda, Benson Maina

Red Like Hell: The Red Ghost

Red Like Hell is a sci-fi heist and thriller animated show set in a near futuristic USA. A female thief, the infamous Red Arrow is trying to steal a certain Painting from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art aka SFMOMA!

DirectorHermann Kayode


Struggling single mom, Tonya, accidentally re-encounters her father, a chess master, who abandoned them when she was 14. Anger and resentment paralyze her but the memories of playing chess together commences the healing. When life's moves bring you to checkmate, is it game over?

DirectorRafael Barreiro
WriterTerran Johnson, Rafael Barreiro
ProducerAndrew Squance
Starring Terran Johnson, Larry Golden, Brayden Golden

Reppin’ Matterz: Arsenio Hall (Comedian/TV Host/Actor)

Reppin' Matterz. A breakdown of Black Legends, their careers and impacts on society. The subject of today's episode is Comedian, TV Host and Actor, Arsenio Hall. Family

DirectorJason Fleurant
WriterJason Fleurant, Alyssa Fort
ProducerLance Palmer, Rasta Bear Productions
Starring Jason Fleurant, Nefertiti Gold, KeAsia Jackson, Jevon White, Alyssa Fort

Reppin’ Matters: Jackie Ormes (Cartoonist/ Journalist/ Doll Creator)

Reppin' Matterz. A breakdown of Black Legends, their careers and impacts on society. The subject of today's episode is the pioneering voice in comics, Jackie Ormes. Family Family

DirectorJason Fleurant
WriterJason Fleurant
ProducerJason Fleurant, Lance Palmer, Eyljah Fleurant, Andre "Dre" Coeurvil, Marie Yolanda Fleurant
Starring Jason Fleurant, Nefertiti Gold, Cleo J'Adore, Eli Pierre

Reppin’ Matterz- John H. Johnson (Publisher/Businessman)

Reppin' Matterz. A breakdown of Black Legends, their careers and impacts on society. The subject of today's episode is more than a publisher but a mogul, John H Johnson. Family Friendly

DirectorJason Fleurant
WriterJason Fleurant
ProducerJason Fleurant, RASTA BEAR LLC, Elyjah Fleurant, Andre "Dre" Coeurvil, Lance Palmer, Marie Yolanda Fleurant
Starring Jason Fleurant, Nefertiti Gold, KeAsia Jackson, Lance Palmer, Jevon White


A Police Officer looses his only son due to his negligence and corrupt mindset.

DirectorOsasuyi Idehen
WriterAkaa Samuel
ProducerAkaa Samuel
Starring Alex Oge

Sandra: Say Her Name

Winner of the Best Short at the Central Illinois Feminist Film Festival and inspired by a true story, "Sandra: Say Her Name" is a short by Writer-Director, JD Walker, about a woman whose plight begins after she fails to signal a lane change. Viewer Discretion Advised: Langage

DirectorJD Walker
WriterJD Walker
ProducerJD Walker, Lille Formigili
Starring Cherish Monique Duke, Dan Billy Asher, Margaret Spirito

She’s God

When a young girl realizes that her mother is more than what she appears to be, she begins to ask a series of questions to try to figure out who she really is and why her life is more than it seems.

DirectorMalachi Johnson
WriterMalachi Johnson
ProducerMalachi Johnson
Starring Mozella Place, Naima Bryant, Valentina Rowell

Shéár Avory To Be Continued

What does coming into adulthood actually look like, for a young Black trans* femme in today’s America? (pronouns: they/them/theirs), A 17 year-old aspiring social justice advocate in Los Angeles, Shéár navigates housing instability and familial dependency on their journey to adulthood. Viewer Discretion Advised: Language

DirectorAbram Cerda
WriterShéár Avory, Abram Cerda
ProducerShéár Avory, Abram Cerda
Executive ProducerTourmaline, Kristy Guevara-Flanagan
Starring Shéár Avory


Coach Michelle "Shooter" Barnes is an ex-high school basketball star who now teaches at her old high school on the southside of Chicago. Coach encounters a ruckus in the school locker room after recess and attempts to intercede. As a result, she is threatened by one of her students and is tested in more ways than expected.

DirectorJan Johnson Goldberger
WriterAbubakar Paul Bello
ProducerJan Johnson Goldberger, Anna Bratsakis
Starring Khadijah Freeman, Sydney Cusic

Short Cuts

Emerson must find a new barber after his barber goes missing. Viewer Discretion Advised: Langage

DirectorSpencer Paysinger, Dane Morck
ProducerMichael Harding, Jelani Jenkins, Mike Wallz
WriterSpencer Paysinger
Starring Michael Harding, Carlton Richardson, Robert Jua, Max Marshall, Deron Cash, Kevin Williams, Demetrius Shipp, Jr., Lance Gross


A women falls in love with the man in her dreams. Viewer Discretion Advised: Mature Content, Language

DirectorTamera Hill
ProducerTamera Hill
WriterTamera Hill
Starring Terrell Fletcher, Roni Worlds

Something’s Got To Give

In Africa, most traditions expect women to be married before 30 years old. But not everyone finds love before that age.

DirectorMichael Dzamesi
WriterMichael Dzamesi
ProducerEdward Pappoe
Starring Akua Tackey

Spiral Bound

A teenage ruffian wakes up to the reality that he has been living the same 5 minutes over and over. Convinced that one of his victims has cast a spell on him, he has 5 minutes to find out who before the clock resets again.

DirectorJones Nasilele
WriterAugustine Lungu
ProducerAugustine Lungu
Starring Augustine Lungu, Besta Phiri, Chiza Phiri, Dixon Mumba

Stand Tall

Jamila Barnes is bullied after being chosen to represent her fifth grade class in the school-wide spelling bee because of her small stature.

DirectorJessica Bouyer
ProducerXiaoxia Lu
WriterJessica Bouyer
Starring Kinley Stillman, Grantham Durham

State of Flux

A film that focuses on the unconscious ideology of a race of people.

DirectorT. D. Antoine
WriterT. D. Antoine
ProducerT. D. Antoine
Starring Emile Yockie Joe Carrier, Jr, J. Johnson, Jayshawn Johnson


After indulging in premarital sex and having the assurance they both are in love and ready for wedding, they are faced with answering numerous questions during a rigorous counseling session with a young pastor as reality dawns on them. Viewer Discretion Advised: Mature Content, Sexual Situations

DirectorProsper Edesiri Arhawho
WriterProsper Edesiri Arhawho
ProducerHigh Definition Film Academy
Starring Vincent Azi-Ishaya

The 8pm Clap

A brave female nurse cuts her maternity leave to join those on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus

DirectorTaurai Bunwa
WriterTaurai Bunwa
ProducerRurayi Halima Marandure
Starring Tanisha Bunwa, Liam Bunwa, Rurayi Halima Marandure, Taurai Gibson Takawira

The Abilities in Disabilities

A young man with a disability shares his thoughts that he is no different than anyone else. He also has dreams, desires, drive and ambition.

DirectorAndrew Louis Quao
WriterGeorgebest Akuffo Baah, Dzidzor Acolaste
Starring Georgebest Akuffo Baah, Redeemer Selorm Kadbry

The Acquittal

Ben Walker, is a former Texas State Trooper who has just been acquitted of killing an unarmed black teenager during a traffic stop. The guilt of getting away with murder begins to eat away at him and his mental health starts to deteriorate, leading him down a dangerous path of self destruction. Viewer Discretion Advised: Violence, Language

DirectorYves Beneche
ProducerLeland Hall
Starring Michael Devorzon, Beth Fraiser, Kyle Matthew, Aric Floyd, Charlotte Williams, DJ Harner

The Ball Method

Alice Ball, a 23-year-old African American chemist living in 1915 Hawaii fights against racial and gender barriers to find an effective treatment for leprosy.

DirectorDagmawi Abebe
ProducerMehmet Gungoren
WriterDagmawi Abebe
Starring Kiersey Clemons, Kyle Secor, Wallace Langham, CJ Uy

The Carsons Cross Country Carsons

The Carsons take an RV trip to Palm Springs

DirectorNoah Cutwright
WriterNoah Cutwright
ProducerNoah Cutwright, Jimmy Taylor
Starring Noah Cutwright, Angelica Houston

The Date

A boy struggling with the delicate simplicity of a first date

DirectorAndrew Ogonji
WriterAndrew Ogonji
ProducerAndrew Ogonji
Starring Andrew Ogonji, Austin Mboya, Melody Sossy

The Dope Years: The Story of Latasha Harlins

The story of Latasha Harlins as told by the women closest to her. A personal retelling of the life and death of Latasha Harlins, the forgotten spark igniting the Los Angeles uprising of 1992, popularly known as the LA riots.

DirectorAllison A. Waite
ProducerAndrés Correa, Menu’Ette Silver
Starring Iyana Halley, Simone Baker

The First Time After

Macy prepares herself to be intimate with her husband for the first time since he's admitted to being unfaithful. Viewer Discretion Advised: Mature Content, Sexual Situations

DirectorCalvin J Walker
ProducerCalvin J Walker, Lafayette Dennis, Calvin J Walker, Kimiko Jones, Antonia and Gerson Rodriguez
Starring Nikki Dixon, Jordan Dragonking

The Healing

No matter how much time has passed, we all need healing from tramautic life experiences.

DirectorPapa Jean
WriterPapa Jean
ProducerPapa Jean
Starring Papa Jean, Jean-Marie Papin, Terry Winston

The Holiday Bouncer

A suburban family hires a Thanksgiving bouncer to keep out their annoying relatives.

DirectorSultan Ali
WriterSultan Ali
ProducerSultan Ali
Starring Rod Shannon, Reggie Weldon, Christine Davis, Purnell Holloway, Toni Donaldson, Emma Youte, James Pierce III, Ameiliasmore Moore

The Interview

A budding documentarian struggles to find the right interviewee for her film school project.

DirectorAyana Harper
Starring Nyasha Harper-Michon, Gwen Harper-Michon, Thais Ramos, John Harper, Karen Marcelle-Harpe

The Littlest Angel

While an exuberant 6-year-old is playing a 1940’s era version of Fantasy Baseball in his backyard, he has an unexpected encounter with the Heavenly Coach. The young, diminutive Albie Pearson understands who is speaking and what He is calling him to do. When he says “Yes”, his life is marked thereafter. Kid Friendly, Family, Inspirational

DirectorRomulo Mena
ProducerRomulo Mena, Tom Hovsepian
WriterTom Hovsepian
Starring Talen Hernadez, Laina Hernandez

The Mad Man

What happens when you are faced with a deadly situation and the only option you have is to trust a Mad Man. Inspirational

DirectorAk St Ralph
WriterAkuro Raphael Tekoh
ProducerAkuro Raphael Tekoh
Starring Prince Ojay

The Magical Root

The Magical Root is a true story about a transformational time in the life of Frederick Douglass. It was the day he decided he was no longer a slave -- but a free man in a slave's body.

DirectorBrandon Miree
ProducerRaymundo Archila, Brandon Miree, Raymundo Archila
Executive ProducerKrista Stiefel, Michelle R. Jones
WriterBrandon Miree
Starring Brandon Miree

The Marble Table

A married couple now settling a divorce, competes in an intense game of backgammon over peculiar items and one of them is the beloved Marble Table.

DirectorAyana Jones
WriterAyana Jones
ProducerAyana Jones
Starring Mary Jones, Robert Jones

The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie

The story of a young and brilliant academic phenom who not only passes the bar exam at age 14, finds himself defending his homeless father on a murder charge when few believe he is innocent. He faces a shrewd law firm, an old school segregationist judge, and an arrogant prosecutor who is preparing to celebrate his 50th consecutive case win.

DirectorKen Sagoes
Starring Kaleb A Roberts, Hiram A. Murray, Melvin Ward, Loretta Devine

The Moore Project

The documentary follows two social activists looking to influence change in their small Mississippi community with a deep racist past.

DirectorZerick Houston
ProducerZerick Houston
Starring Tiffon Moore, Malek Moore

The Price of Things

Twenty-two year-old Cassandre suddenly can't afford her expensive tuition fees anymore. As she is running out of options, she makes a drastic decision.

DirectorChloé HAMELIN
WriterChloé HAMELIN
Starring Esthèle Dumand, Guillaume Mivekannin, Laura Farrugia, Chamaïl Kahaloun

The Reply

A woman discovers her husband's manipulative behavior after a drunken night during quarantine. Viewer Discretion Advised: Language, Mature Content

DirectorRyan Naquin, Rob Krieger, Kia Callia
WriterRyan Naquin
ProducerRyan Naquin
Starring Howard Ried, Ambria Washington, Jennifer Bullock, Prince

The Shack

The Shack is a story about a shack, that is telling a story about Buti’s daily life amidst his daily struggles in the immediate and greater environment he lives in, more especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DirectorTebogo Chologi
WriterTebogo Chologi
Starring Tebogo Chologi

They Don’t Know Our Art- Kenyan Graffiti

Capable of great sacrifices, they will risk everything to oppose the aggressive actions of powerful politicians and give a voice to the disenfranchised. They break conventions, rules, stereotypes and barriers, all in the name of art and truth. Proud of their African heritage, cosmopolitan, innovative – they call themselves “artivists”

DirectorPaulina Zając
ProducerFoundation Twiga
WriterPaulina Zając

Time and Love and I

Time and love and I is about a couple who is in a predicament. Amber has to choose between William and the career of her dreams (between time and love). What is her choice?

DirectorJ. Ashlee, Patricia Anderson
ProducerPatricia Anderson, J. Ashlee
WriterJ. Ashlee
Starring Erica Orr, Joe Amichia


Together is a "Hansel & Gretel-esque" short thriller about a teenage girl who races to escape her home after discovering her parent's more sinister intentions.

DirectorDanielle M Fuller
WriterDanielle M Fuller
Starring Veronica James, JR Wilson, Steven Wishman, Laurel Kornfeld


A broken man tries to put his life back together. In this painful quest, he is sometimes confronted by an inner voice which ends up materializing physically into a conflictual face-to-face. Viewer Discretion Advised: Language

DirectorMaciré Sissoko
WriterMaciré Sissoko
ProducerKora Films
Starring Mohamed Coulibaly, Alimata Bengaly, Hassim Guindo

Treal Tales – Teddys Big Break

The time has come for Teddy Elephante to create his latest masterpiece and win the praise of The Critics in order to receive a solo art exhibit. Will he be able to bring what’s needed?

WriterJason Fleurant
ProducerLance Palmer, Elyjah Fleurant, Andre "Dre" Coeurvil, Treal Toonz
Starring KeAsia Jackson, Nefertiti Gold, Jessica McCready, Lance Palmer, Candace Finely, Jason Fleurant

True See

Can a young gang member turn his life around? Viewer Discretion Advised: Mature Content

DirectorMike De Caro, Jamal Joseph
ProducerMike De Caro, Jamal Joseph
Starring True-See Allah

Unspoken Words

Finding that something to keep you together when everything seems like it's falling apart.

DirectorScott F. Evans
WriterMonica McDaniel
ProducerMonica McDaniel, Scott F. Evans
Starring Audra Bryant, Kaypri, Leia Key


Sleeping is not the problem the problem is waking up...

DirectorIrojemi Femi
ProducerJonahino Moses
WriterIrojemi Femi
Starring Lawrence Ramson


Never judge the quality of a man based on his current situation. John was heartbroken when the love of his life walked out on him because of his temporary financial setback. As he overcame his struggles, he was presented with a unique opportunity. Will he forgive?

DirectorMohmoud Jobe
ProducerDiamond Sonpon
WriterMohmoud Jobe
Starring Darius Peace, Diamond Sonpon, Best Davis, 1st Lady Chrisy

Way Up

A community organizer and his son grapple with gun violence in North Philly as a single day unfolds in parallel stories before an act of violence brings them crashing together.

DirectorBen Samuels, Oliver Samuels
WriterBen Samuels, Oliver Samuels
ProducerColin Passman, Ben Samuels, Oliver Samuels
Starring Dwayne A. Thomas, Tyler Andrews

We Can’t Breathe

A young couple clashes in the wake of a racially charged murder committed by a police officer.

DirectorClarence Williams IV
WriterClarence Williams IV
ProducerChristina Araujo-Williams, Aaron Kelly, Clarence Williams IV
Starring Jordane Christie, Jasmine Aivaliotis

We Got This

Marcus, an ethnically mixed, bi-curious, high school senior is two and a half hours late for his curfew on prom night. His white father and African American mother have very different experiences of his lateness and very different ideas of how to hold him accountable for it. Culture and color clash in this family drama about safety, diversity, and love.

DirectorKPage Stuart Valdes
WriterKPage Stuart Valdes
ProducerKPage Stuart Valdes
Starring Wayne Maugans, Jessica Frances Duke

Who is Fatoumata (Part 1)

Before she leaves his life, he ponders how did she come to be.

DirectorDavid J. Hamilton III
WriterDavid J. Hamilton III
ProducerDavid J. Hamilton III
Starring David J. Hamilton, Fatoumata Binta Diallo

Who is Fatoumata: The Beginning of the End (Part 2)

Everything has a beginning. Even the end.

DirectorDavid J. Hamilton III
WriterFatoumata Binta Diallo, David J. Hamilton III
ProducerDavid J. Hamilton III
Starring Fatoumata Binta Diallo


Vahan Bedelian's “WineGame” absurdly retells the Sisyphus punishment myth with the stone rolling up the hill being a worker's wagon fueled by the Nectar of the Gods.

DirectorVahan Bedelian
WriterVahan Bedelian
ProducerSophia Zhu, Walker Entertainer Academy, Loyola Marymount University School of Film & Television
Starring Phillip E. Walker


Dating can be hard, but with the help of a wingmen, watch how things will unfold. Viewer Discretion Advised: Language

DirectorKarl Hanner
WriterKarl Hanner
ProducerKarl Hanner
Starring Kar Logan, Julius Stukes, Darius Churchman, Keanna Swindell


This is a short film on how life and society throws situations at us, how our fellow men perceive us and how we struggle to overcome obstacles. Everyone has a wish.

DirectorDaniel Samari
WriterDaniel Samari and Nnana Kalu
ProducerDaniel Samari and Nnana Kalu
Starring Ilori Samuel, Nnana Kalu

Wole’s Revenge

Wole, having killed over a hundred people to get to this moment, finally has his gun aimed at Mach, the man that took everything from him. Somehow, Mach is calm. Viewer Discretion Advised: Gore, Violence

DirectorGilbert Bassey
ProducerMinwon Metong, Gilbert Bassey
WriterGilbert Bassey
Starring Ayoola Ayolola, Daniel Etim

Young x Gifted & Black

Animated reminder of Black Excellence through the spoken word poem "Young, Gifted & Black".



After working a graveyard shift, Mhy arrives home to find her roommates unusually awake yet unable to support her through her most recent existential crisis. In her downward spiral, she questions whether her insatiable desire to consume information has hindered her ability to sleep and authentically connect.

DirectorMaisha Azadi Sebastiany
WriterMaisha Azadi Sebastiany
Starring Darnell Williams, Lee Sebastiany, Christina Rodgers, Maisha Azadi Sebastiany


On his wedding day, Eric Fuller tries to clear his conscience and break things off with his secret lover Sarah, but she's not ready to let him go. This near-future Sci-Fi drama explores love, letting go, and how the technology of today will affect the relationships of tomorrow.

DirectorEllis E. Fowler
ProducerJohn F. Thomas
WriterEllis E. Fowler
Starring Ester Jiron, Ellis E. Fowler, John F. Thomas


#BeforeYouShoot is an emotionally, thought-provoking documentary that humanizes the lives of Black Men in America to Law Enforcement, Media and Society. Know that they are fathers, brothers, sons, community leaders, change agents and loved ones #Beforeyoushoot. This time, we are telling OUR OWN STORIES. Viewer Discretion Advised: Violence & Strong Imagery

DirectorM. Denise Simmons, Aisha Louis, T. Marie Cascoe
WriterSabrina Williams
ProducerM. Denise Simmons
Executive ProducerGeralda Larkins, Chris Larkins


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