Doin’ It The Independent Way Film Showcase

Thirty-three years ago, Sandra Evers-Manly started a weekly independent showcase called “Doin’ it the Independent Way”, featuring short films by African American Filmmakers. The showcase was designed to highlight and promote to the film industry, the incredible talent that exists both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. The showcase started at Sony Pictures and during that time, also rotated to Disney, Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures, along with several independent production companies.

We are pleased to announce the return of Doin’ It The Independent Way in virtual format, streaming only on BHERC TV, beginning June 2020.

We look forward to your support as we promote and showcase filmmakers from across the globe.

Kicking off this year’s showcase, we feature films about fathers.


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Festival Begins Saturday, June 13, 2020 at 10:00am PST
Festival Ends Saturday, June 27, 2020 at 6:00pm PST (Extended!)
Festival Location Virtual/Online Streaming via (This Webpage)

A Letter To My Son

A tired and worn, would-be father pens a hypothetical detailing his perspectives and fears to his unborn son.

DirectorMaurice Hicks
WriterMaurice Hicks
ProducerDave Norris
Starring Cranston Johnson


A story about a man that desires a bond with his elderly father. He realizes that he is running out of time due to his father slipping further into dementia. What he comes to realize is he needs to now turn his attention toward his own son.

DirectorRalph K. Scott
WriterKiara C. Jones
ProducerKiara C. Jones
Starring Stephen Hill, Ebbe Bassey, William Jay Marshall, Elijah William

Concerned Child

As a father, I have to prepare his son for the cruelty of this world as a young black male.

Found Dead

A young woman's compromise in hopes of making some extra money will lead her to a destination she could never have expected.

DirectorEmeka Mbadiwe
WriterEmeka Mbadiwe
ProducerEmeka Mbadiwe
Starring Shanna Bess, Emeka Mbadiwe

Harlem Blues

Filled with survivor's guilt, a young musician is haunted by the memories of losing his father. He turns to prescription drugs and alcohol to self medicate, but soon realizes playing music is the only thing that can save him.


This Comedy Award winning film is about a woman, after reading a book about dead spouses, becomes drawn to inquisitiveness one night towards her husband. She hits him with questions after questions. Out of frustration, he ends up giving her an answer that she didn't expect. Funny thing, he may not be able to recover from that answer. Oops!

DirectorAndre` Campbell
Starring Alison Jones, Phillip E. Walker

Raising Kings

Mark King being released from prison to learn everything has changed. His father has been hospitalized, and his estranged son is a police officer with two sons. His bad choices led to ultimately tearing the family apart and Mark seeks to mend his past so he can heal his future.


A poignant and timely tale of a father’s legacy, a brothers love, and the price we all pay for the choices we make in life. It’s the powerful story of two brothers who desperately need each other and who also must come to terms with their own destiny.

WriterBenmio McCrea
DirectorBenmio McCrea
ProducerBenmio McCrea
Starring Wendell Pierce, Marcus Naylor, Horace Bailey

Stanford and Son

An eccentric senior citizen wants to be a rapper but is met with opposition from his aristocratic son.

Squirrel Man

A squirrel bite leads an elderly jazz musician to believe he is a super hero. These powers inspire him to fight crime in his neighborhood, which unexpectedly leads to the mending of his broken relationship with his son. This contemporary dramedy is a slice of life between fathers, sons and forgiveness. It speaks to the often unspoken fact that everyman wants to be a hero to someone.