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Luis, a 75-year-old man who left the Basque Country a long time ago, is tired of his daily life: reading the newspaper, listening to the radio, watching classic movies; and all that, without having someone to share with. He gives up on life and decides not to take his heart medication anymore. After getting rid of it, the bell rings! He has to take care of George: a 6-year-old kid full of life and curious, very curious. Is he going to give Luis back the will to live? Is it going to be too late? Magical realism, Basque mythology and much more in 15 minutes.

DirectorMarkel Goikoetxea Markaida
WriterMarkel Goikoetxea Markaida
ProducerCarla Roda
Starring Gene R. Wallace, Nicolas Johnny, Amanda Hume

All For Honnor

Charity and Honnor finds themselves homeless and living in their car. Charity will do everything it takes to make sure Honnor is taken care of. Through their struggles, they find their peace knowing God will provide all their needs.

DirectorBrigid Turner
WriterBrigid Turner
ProducerBrigid Turner
Starring Brigid Turner, Tamia Coreus, Angelie Williams, Tiana Coreus, Keion Abrams, Jahira Davis


A story about a 40-year-old black man suffering from mental illness

DirectorCortez Mack, Daniel Merrick
WriterCortez Mack
ProducerCortez Mack
Starring Mario Andre Alberts, Cynthia H. Pittmon, David A. Walker, Dawanna Connor, Tyisha Williams


After seeing a video of a beautiful dancer, a sweet young girl decides to become one too. However, she is very shy.

DirectorAndrea "Andy" Mangano
WriterAndrea "Andy" Mangano
ProducerAndrea "Andy" Mangano

Daring To Be Different

A girl faces losing her identity after being bullied while dealing with heartbreaking family matters. A surprising event helps her regain her distinctiveness.

DirectorMarvin J Lowe
WriterMarvin J Lowe
ProducerMarvin J Lowe
Starring Lauryn j Lowe, Carol B Lowe, Ashlee Gray

Dead Talks

A judgmental preacher and an agnostic hippy are forced to coexist as audience members in Lucifer's hellish “Ted Talk."

DirectorChukwudi "Chuck" Anakwenze
WriterChukwudi "Chuck" Anakwenze, Jasmine Reese, Ian Truitner
ProducerLiza Wagner, Dibia Films, We Make Movies
Executive ProducerChukwudi "Chuck" Anakwenze
Starring Denzel Whitaker, Megan Gage, David Jute, Markina Brown, Demarkes Dogan

Dinner Table

A story about the disconnection of the family.

DirectorCortez Mack
WriterCortez Mack
ProducerCortez Mack
Starring Al Greenup, Jr, Leah Sullivan, Asha Hanes, Cameron Bonner

Farewell Motivational

Guy struggles to speak but his dream is to be a tv show host. “Never give up on your dreams no matter who says you can’t make it.” “Trust in God.”

DirectorJeremy Lee, Amyna Price, Kiana Sheryl
WriterRoger Chaney Jr
ProducerCarl Perry
Starring Brandon Mrfunny Mills, Annie mapp, Brandon Mills Jr, Micah Blair, Robin L. Maiden, Michelle Salinas


Milagros is obliged to install a fire extinguisher in her chapel. But first she will have to ask someone's permission.

DirectorRodrigo Sopeña, Joana Solnado
WriterRodrigo Sopeña
ProducerRodrigo Sopeña
Starring Virginia Vargas


A documentary that looks at the story of five young men who use the power of music to try and change everyone in their reach.

DirectorBrinson Wright, Will Thomas
WriterBrinson Wright
Executive ProducerBrinson Wright

Heavenly Paradigm

Will men be better off without free will? What if men can no longer do what they want? What if God takes it off today?

Directorelea njume
Writerfokwa babila
Producerelea njume
Starring didean tabi, Elea Njume, Jabi Ketty, Charly Jego, Ev. Chu Olivre


In a world of good and evil, two celestial beings come face to face, once again, to battle for the soul of the Earth. Adriel, an angel who fights for good, must save Grace from the clutches of Lilith, a demonic warrior whose evil intentions include manifesting Grace's soul for destruction. Even though she's only a child, Grace must choose which path to take to put an end to this supernatural war.

DirectorLeslie Lanier
WriterLeslie Lanier
ProducerLeslie Lanier
Starring Vangye Montes, Edward Davis, Sahian Castruita

…If My People

Is America systemically racist? Does racism exist in the Christian church? ...if My People... tackles America's age-old problem of racism from a Christian perspective. A pastor sees a vision of how God sees America and spearheads 40 days of fasting and prayer to change the nation. He'll first have to convince his own church that we are all one in Christ. This movie is in your face!

DirectorMark David Kennerly
WriterMark David Kennerly
ProducerMark David Kennerly, Kimberly Y Kennerly, Madison F Kennerly
Starring Anthony Shaw-Vaughan, Roderick Garr, Mikayla Leybovich, Mark David Kennerly

kitchens of freedom

In Mwanza, Tanzania, where the barriers to gender equality are high, women start a probiotic yogurt initiative and stride toward economic independence.

DirectorAmber SIlva, Sara Tracogna
ProducerAmber SIlva, Sara Tracogna


While contemplating a major decision concerning his marriage, a young man and his siblings scramble to find their father who has gone missing in the height of the COVID pandemic.

DirectorHumphrey Brown III
WriterSekou Browne
ProducerRuwak Media Films, Color Coded Films
Executive ProducerCherrice Browne, Humphrey Brown III
Starring Damon Hoyle, Humphrey Brown III, Jessica Davis, Natoya Danielle, Angel Henson Smith

Muslimah’s Guide to Marriage

Muslimah's committed to saving her marriage in 7 days, 14 hours, 36 minutes, and 22 seconds!

DirectorAminah Bakeer Abdul-Jabbaar
WriterAminah Bakeer Abdul-Jabbaar
ProducerAminah Bakeer Abdul-Jabbaar
Starring Ebony Perry, Glenn Plummer, Kareem J. Grimes, BT Kingsley, Medina Britt, LaRita Shelby

One Binge

This is a story of an 18-year-old African American college student whose life revolves around the next party. Several times two loyal friends had tried to get her to clean up her life. "Drinking and drugs are not your friends; you're messed up for real," says Nathan. Eventually she meets a shady character named "J" who gives her an unnamed pill. "It can be whatever you want it to be, baby." That causes a reaction with her already destroyed liver and she goes into convulsions and dies at the last party.

DirectorDaniel Henrich
WriterAlvenia Derban
ProducerChristine Henrich
Starring Jayda Williams, Ethan Tejedor, JaMarkis Daniels, Josiah Stewart, La` Qusha Bivens (Q)

Otis’ Dream

Otis' dream was to vote. He never got the chance. Voting is a sacred right. Exercise yours.

DirectorJason and Blue
WriterRev. Dr. Otis Moss III
ProducerStacey Buckner
NarratorRev. Dr. Otis Moss, Jr., Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III, Elijah Moss
Starring Christopher Greer, Tiffany Rene Johnson, Cole Kennerly, Ryann Werner, Grace Keithley, Lauren Robinson, Daniel Portis

Our Fire

Asher, a young man out of place with his conforming family, questions the world around him. What happens when curiosity drives him to temptation? Why can't they leave the house?

DirectorTravae Davis
WriterTravae Davis
ProducerMatthew Romanski
Starring Terrell Lamar, Ken Wester, Dametria Selmore, Marcus Humose

Paul – The Final Footsteps in Rome

As a man who boldly preached the gospel of Jesus Christ in multiple cities, Paul was imprisoned several times. Later, he became a martyr and the letters that he wrote while in prison are a part of the New Testament. Jermaine Coles traveled to Rome to explore the final footsteps of Apostle Paul in the Bible, and he visited his apartment, what is thought to be the jail cell, the beheading site, and the burial cemetery of Paul.

DirectorJermaine Coles
WriterJermaine Coles
ProducerJermaine Coles
Starring Jermaine Coles

Roots of the Race Amity Movement

The phrase “Race Amity” is increasingly being used in the race relations and dialogue arena. In 1921, such noteworthy individuals as renowned scholar Alain Locke, founder of the Harlem Renaissance, U.S. Senator Moses Clapp, and descendants of Frederick Douglass participated in the inaugural and highly successful Race Amity Convention held in Washington, DC. This short film explores the beginnings of the Race Amity movement and supports the expanded presence of Race Amity in the public discourse.

Executive ProducerCraig Rothman, William H. Smith, Ed.D.
ProducerNick Papps, Craig Rothman, William H. Smith, Ed.D.
WriterKari Carlson, William H. Smith, Ed.D.


After 30 years, three friends finally form a singing group to prove to themselves and others that it is never too late to live your dream.

DirectorAretha Tatum
WriterAretha Tatum
ProducerAretha Tatum, P. W. Sutton
Starring Tracy R. Kincaide, Arlene J. Freeman, Natasha L. Hudgins

Skin Like Mine

Skin Like Mine is based on the children's book, Skin Like Mine, by Tiffany Elle Burgess. Brittany Baker is a happy-go-lucky 10-year-old girl with a style of her own. She enjoys tap-dancing and spending quality time with her family. After her father accepts a new job, Brittany and her family move from Illinois to Georgia. This means a new school and a chance to make new friends for Brittany....or does it? Everything is going well for Brittany until she meets a group of kids at the after-school program. For the first time in her life, Brittany begins to question her appearance. Skin Like Mine describes young Brittany's courageous journey from self-doubt to self-love and acceptance.

DirectorTiffany Burgess, Stanley Aughtry
WriterTiffany Elle Burgess
ProducerStanley Aughtry, Tiffany Elle Burgess, Jack Manning, III, Lawrence "LAW" Watford
Starring Kisa Willis, Stanley Aughtry, Tiffany Elle Burgess, Kristin Mobley, Maryam Tehranie

Someone Worthy

Through a modern-day reimagining of the story of Christmas, an angel named Gabriel teaches a teenage boy that everybody has a role to play in the greatest story ever told. Follow the journey of Mary and Joseph as their lives and the world around them are changed forever. Starring world-class musicians and performers, this musical adventure has something for everyone in your family!

DirectorCorbin Marshall, Jonathan Thomas
WriterCorbin Marshall, Bryan Starr, Jonathan Thomas, Jason Shreve
ProducerCorbin Marshall, Jason Shreve, Jonathan Thomas
Starring Astoncia Bhagat, Darian Sanders, Bryan Starr, Michael Kirby

Splitting Image

An inspirational story about a son following the positive image of his father.

DirectorDavid A. Walker
WriterCortez Mack
ProducerCortez Mack, David A. Walker
Starring Lawrence Davis, Adarien Funderberg

The Gift

Julian starts his day at dawn, ready to go out to earn a living in the middle of an unfair and exclusive society. But today is not just any day but a special one where he will have to try to make someone he loves happy despite the shortcomings that have chained his family for generations.

DirectorSebastian Lazo

The Littlest Angel

While an exuberant 6-year-old is playing a 1940’s era version of Fantasy baseball in his backyard, he has an unexpected encounter with the Heavenly Coach. The young, diminutive Albie Pearson understands who is speaking and what He is calling him to do. When he says “Yes,” his life is marked thereafter. Kid Friendly, Family, Inspirational

DirectorRomulo Mena
ProducerRomulo Mena, Tom Hovsepian
WriterTom Hovsepian
Starring Talen Hernadez, Laina Hernandez

The Nativity of Christ

The Nativity of Christ as described in the Holy Gospels. An orthodox Christian half-hour film that chronicles the birth of the Savior Christ from the Annunciation to the flight to Egypt.

DirectorBruce Neibaur
WriterGospels John, Luke and Matthew
Starring Savannah Stevenson, Alex Greenfield, Tom Lamoreaux

The Penitent Thief

The Penitent Thief is the story of the two unnamed men who were crucified alongside Jesus and how they came to be beside him on the cross that fateful day.

DirectorLucas Miles
WriterDon Willis
ProducerDon Willis
Starring Kevin Sorbo, Stelio Savante, Jay Giannone, Kyle Roark

The Truth About Santa Claus

Soon after an ambitious young teacher accepts a new assignment at a Christian school, she is morally challenged by a traditional Christmas belief held by her students. What will her conscious and conviction lead her to do? Will she be able to face the consequences either way?

DirectorTanya Huston
WriterTanya Huston
ProducerTanya Huston
Starring Naomi Lambert, Lisa Monet Lambert, Kendrick Benson


Tomati highlights the quest of a well-educated, poverty stricken, and frustrated young man as he attempts to overcome the effect of the economic failures in Nigeria.

DirectorEsther Kemi Gbadamosi
WriterEsther Kemi Gbadamosi
ProducerEsther Kemi Gbadamosi
Starring Abdulrahmon Ayobami Awe, Joy Mariam Ayegbeni


Ina Bell Daniels McGee and Nina Nell Daniels Wheeler grabbed the spotlight as “the Daniels twins” as children. Then as adults, they became known as the much-heralded “Civil Rights Twins” who never saw a worthy cause they wouldn’t join. Follow the story of these nationally recognized twins narrated by Ina. Witness how this powerhouse duo used their visibility and put their stamp on the hundreds of protests, demonstrations, and political and social causes over their more than a half-century of being on call and the front lines. Learn about the myriad wrongs they felt needed to be made right!

DirectorDawn McGee
NarratorIna Bell Daniels McGee
Starring Ina Bell Daniels McGee, Nina Nell Daniels Wheeler

Wade in the Water

A young black man fleeing the slavery of the past and racism in the present, but in both times still possible to find faith and hope oppose the hatred and fear. Slavery was abolished in America more than 100 years ago, but colored people are still enslaved by fear, while some people promote distortions, that Christian religion still has freedom and equality for all people as your main pillars. The main purpose of this work is to confront the past with the present, approaching racial and religious themes, stimulating a reflection on these themes.

DirectorCaio Levy Rodrigues
WriterCaio Levy de Souza Rodrigues
ProducerCaio Levy de Souza Rodrigues, Paulo Levy de Souza Rodrigues
Starring Cauã Araújo de Alencar Affonso, Carlos Eduardo Merlim Troiano, Caio Levy de Souza Rodrigues, Lucas Freitas Alves, Abner Rodrigues Halcsik


When his life takes a sharp turn, a paperboy finds a different path towards fulfillment.

DirectorNoah Michael Vincent-Blatter
WriterNoah Michael Vincent-Blatter
ProducerNoah Michael Vincent-Blatter
Starring Erik Dahlhaus


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