Reel Black Men Film Festival

Greetings film lovers! Please join us for our virtual Reel Black Men Film Festival.

Reel Black Men Film Festival is an event bringing you phenomenal films helmed by exceptional male filmmakers.

BHERC spotlights shorts created by male filmmakers of African-American descent (Black Men). This screening and dialogue is an opportunity for emerging African American male Directors to showcase their skills, talent and vision through film screenings, while giving the audience a chance to view and discuss the artistry, passion and sacrifice involved in the independent film making process.

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Festival Begins Saturday, August 1st at 10:00am PDT
Festival Ends Saturday, August 8th at 5:00pm PDT
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Question and Answer Session Date and TimeSaturday, August 8th at 6:00pm PDT
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11-95, is the Police Code for a Routine Traffic Stop. The film is about a man, Marvin (Allen Maldonado) who gets pulled over by a Police Officer (Joel Rush) and we witness the happenings during the encounter.

DirectorPaul S Lindsay
WriterPaul S Lindsay
ProducerAkilah Chopfield
Starring Allen Maldonado, Joel Rush

Beyond Galilee

In August of 1958, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was invited to Shreveport, Louisiana to deliver a speech at the Galilee Baptist Church as part of a voter registration workshop. 'Beyond Galilee' explores how King's prophetic words unfolded in the years that followed by highlighting the key events of the city's Civil Rights movement through the testimonies of the actual participants and supplemented by rare audio of King's speech, news footage, home movies and photos from the era.

DirectorT. D. Antoine
ProducerT. D. Antoine, Joey Kent

Black Boys Can’t Cry

Javion is a dutiful and loving black father. He is the protector and provider of the family, including his wife, daughter, and grandmother. However, he is haunted by a secret that he continues to bury in silence. Not knowing how to deal with the trauma, he attempts to hide the behemoth inside him that is trying to break out. But not until tonight when he is finally overwhelmed, and he attacks his family while he ultimately comes face-to-face with his painful past. Only the prayerful hands of his grandmother can help channel his buried emotion from taking control.

DirectorVictor Gabriel
WriterVictor Gabriel
ProducerJordan Tyner
Executive ProducerRobert Hunter
Starring Phrederic Semaj, Tysonia Sichinga, Elliott Williams, Adrienne Bratton, La’Croiz Locke, Lazarus McRae


A young gifted athlete who practices ballet in secret must confront his dad the night he receives a scholarship from Juilliard.

DirectorJames Grisom
WriterJames Grisom
ProducerAlexa Velasquez
Starring Vincent Washington, L. Emille Thomas

Catch A Girl

With his elementary understanding of courtship, 11-year old Darius meets up with friends that conspire to play a popular “predator vs. prey” childhood game, targeted to take advantage of girls.

DirectorLeRon E. Lee
WriterLeRon E. Lee
Executive ProducerLadum Thompson
Starring Daniel G. Cummingham, Kayciblu Wright, Zakai Lassiter, Kevin Bennett

Percy & Caesar – A Slave Love Narrative Seldom Told

Caesar, is a Mandingo field hand who has just arrived at the Sam Houston plantation. In the process of being groomed for a bareknuckle boxing match, Caesar is introduced to his groomer, Percy. Both Percy and Caesar find themselves trapped in this heinous system of slavery. Their only hopes for survival is love.

DirectorJamil Akim O'Quinn, Stanley Wayne Mathis
WriterJamil Akim O'Quinn
Executive ProducerYuri Fleurine, Max Greenberg, Carlene Pride-Sarpong, Sara Jayne Green, Lorenzo P. Adams
Starring Nick Rashaad Burroughs, Ronald Thomas Hinton, Trevor Lyons, Ria Alexander Mayo

Remember Tomorrow

After a mid-season concussion, a prized running back convinces his agent to negotiate his rookie contract while hiding his injury to continue playing no matter the cost.

DirectorHozael Morgan
WriterRon Clemons
ProducerRon Clemons
Starring Jarric Tucker, Deon q Sanders, Henry Okigbo, Destiny Washington, A.D. Scott, Ron Clemons

Say Can You See

Explores the unsettling visual conscious and unconscious thoughts of a black man wanting to be seen by the world without judgment, as someone or something that matters. Say Can You See stands on the ideal that to be seen is to be heard, and to be heard is to be felt. This a lifetime of living with labels and experiences dealing with racism, as well as the most recent murders at the forefront, of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

DirectorWilliam Leigh
WriterGary Brown
ProducerDerrick Ridley
Starring Isaias Guity

The Chocolate Shop

Sarah, an elderly woman with Alzheimer's, wanders into a chocolate shop. She is greeted by a shop employee. After explaining that she is lost and doesn't know who she, the shop employee decides to help her remember. The shop employee offers Sarah a variety of chocolate. Having eaten the chocolate, Sarah can recall who she is and discovers a shocking discovery that will lead to a bittersweet experience.

DirectorIan Walker
WriterVester Banner III
ProducerIan Walker, Vester Banner III
Starring Deborah McFatter, Youssef Samassi, Sonja Kovacevic

The Invisibility Glasses

Village hustler and playboy discovers a pair of sunglasses that drops from the sky that makes him invisibility. He has fun playing practical jokes on the people and the local crooks.

DirectorGeofrey King
WriterJudith Nakyeyune
Starring Sebunya Jackson, Praise Gloria

The Knight and the Princess

The story begins like a classic fairytale, through the opening of a storybook. The main character is introduced- a seemingly courageous and handsome knight. The scene transitions from the storybook and follows the Knight galloping into his newest adventure. The Knight travels through the land on his noble steed in search of a tower rumored to be holding a beautiful princess prisoner. After riding through a forest, the Knight comes to a clearing where the tall tower stands. To the knight’s surprise, as he approaches the tower snakes appear from behind it. The sight of a tangled mass of snakes slithering down the tower is enough to make the knight drop his brave demeanor. He gathers himself, unsheathes his sword and charges in, hacking at the vipers. He then climbs the scaly mass, killing the snakes as they lunge and hiss at him. He finally reaches the tower window and climbs in ready to embrace the princess. The princess steps forward from the shadows, revealing herself to be a gorgon and the snakes to be her hair. Terrified by this revelation, the Knight clambers back over the window. The gorgon princess watches confused and disappointed, as the Knight runs away into the forest.

DirectorDáSean Clark, Hannah Yu, Fallon Wallace
WriterFallon Wallace
ProducerBarry Sun
Starring Darrius Suggs

The Last Ride

Amidst a career change, Clayton drives Uber as an easy way to earn cash to keep him afloat. This unfolds when he’s met by a stormy night involving rowdy passengers and an aggressive police officer. As tension builds, Clayton contemplates finding the courage to stand up for himself.

DirectorReilly Dowd
WriterKJ Booze
ProducerKJ Booze
Starring JJ Green, Madeleine Gardella, Chelsea London Lloyd, Ivan Shaw

Theo’s Trade

Theo’s Trade is a timely drama about a disheartened news reporter who escapes his city’s racial-fueled conflicts by performing historical re-enactments at a small-town museum. When an ambitious former colleague tempts him to return to broadcasting, he’s compelled to consider what his responsibility to his community demands.

DirectorStephen Lentini, Albert Lawrence
WriterAlbert Lawrence
ProducerAlbert Lawrence, Cherish McDowell, Stephen Lentini
Starring Atsuko Okatsuka, Albert Lawrence, Sabas Gonzalez


Through Benjamin's experiences, Vessel focuses on the raw, dark truths ever-present within New York City. White-owned distribution companies refuse to accept Benjamin on the basis of race, prejudging his ability to deliver. Extraterrestrial beings deemed 'black bodies' to be ideal for their survival, with Benjamin being one of particular interest. Both secrets are revealed; lack of opportunity in the industry and a hidden war between good and evil extraterrestrial beings.

DirectorDevon Thomas
WriterDevon Thomas
ProducerDevon Thomas, Ani Akpan, Brea Smith
Starring Frantzdy Alexandre, Jared Harvin, Tina Duong, Khail bryant, Phylecia Renae

White Strings

When a dog walker and a thief team up to rob houses. Their plan immediately goes wrong when one of the houses contains something more than they can handle.

DirectorAlejandro G. Charles
WriterAlejandro G. Charles
ProducerAnthony Ertle, Hui Zhang, Alejandro G. Charles, Eduardo Gonzalez Charles
Starring Melvin Reeves, Joel Rosario, Amaya Lorick