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A Beautiful Mess

The film explores the concept of “the curse of creativity” or rather the spectrum of creativity through the lens of multiple creatives, focusing on their state of minds as they maneuver the different phases of creativity. The creation of art is a beautiful thing and final products of creativity are glamourized with no light is shone on the “trust the process“ stages of creation. This film explores both sides of the spectrum of creativity, the curse, the mess, the beauty and fulfilment it comes with.

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ReleaseMay 22, 2023
DirectorMmatshepo Rakhalakane
WriterMmatshepo Rakhalakane
ProducerMmatshepo Rakhalakane
Starring Mahlatse Tlaka, Nhlanhla Lubisi, Kgomotso Motsiane, Omolemo Gaesale
Available UntilJune 10, 2023