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A Different Lens

Peter, a white, middle-aged man, lives his life with the belief that racism as a topic is being blown out of proportion. He assumes that people leave their various countries to constitute a nuisance and turn every confrontation into racist accusations. On a fateful day that he has an encounter with a little black girl and her mom, he sleeps and lives a day as a black man in his own country. When he wakes up, he knows that his thoughts and perspectives will forever change. He has no choice but to make amends with the little girl he had an encounter with the previous day. He sees racism from A DIFFERENT LENS.

ReleaseJune 3, 2022
DirectorOlatunbosun Amao
WriterOlatunbosun Amao
ProducerOlatunbosun Amao
Starring Dan Boileau, Olatunbosun Amao, Toni Amao, Tomi Amao, Temitayo Agbi