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A Time Like This

In light of Suicide Prevention Month, I made a short film. This film is not intended to tell people what to do, but more to show them what is happening. We are living in a screen-filled world and are polluting it with throwaway jokes that are seriously harmful. This then filters into everyday conversations, leaving someone who does feel suicidal or has felt suicidal no space to be free from the unwanted and intrusive thoughts that already overwhelm them. The graphic and violent descriptions we use to express ourselves take away from the ability to express suicidal feelings, reducing the impact therefore the acknowledgement. The frequency of these comments will lead and has led to the normalisation of a seriously debilitating mental state. When we say “I’m gonna kill myself” in a jokey context we make it so difficult for someone to say when they actually feel this way. Suicide is not a joke and it’s on us to do our bit as things can change.

ReleaseMarch 3, 2023
DirectorJess Curtis - Age 19