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An Uninvited Guest

Three White people and one Black man wordlessly enjoy dinner while in the front yard, a disheveled Black man is brutally assaulted by police. The sounds of his suffering seem to only momentarily distract these strange people from their meal. However, as events outside escalate, one of the guests, the Black man, grows increasingly anxious. As his demeanor changes from numb to responsive, the people around him grow uncomfortable. Moments later, a police officer shows up and in a wordless interaction, he singles out the Black man for detention. He is placed in a police car but on the way to the station, he senses something sinister is about to occur and he escapes, but not for long...

ReleaseAugust 7, 2021
DirectorRichard B. Pierre
WriterRichard B. Pierre
ProducerRichard B. Pierre
Starring Richard Walters, Franckie Francois, Jamie Mac, M.E. Lewis, Hanneke Talbot, Nola Martin