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Blue Laces

On a routine bike ride through Long Beach, high school juniors, Chilli, Mia, and Tracey, pass Kiki, a fellow classmate, in distress. In an effort to comfort Kiki, Chilli reveals that she lost her brother at the hands of the police and the two bond over the recent loss of Kiki's brother. Chilli extends an invitation of family and protection through the Crip gang.

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ReleaseMay 22, 2023
DirectorBrit Banks
WriterBrit Banks
ProducerAlicia Marie Agramonte, Fetle Negash, Richard E. Haywood
Executive ProducerBrit Banks
Starring Shan Moreno, Cheyenne Washington, Briana Hamilton, Ria Unique, Stephen Barrington
Available UntilJune 10, 2023