DAD Speak

DAD Speak, a docu-short,. DAD Speak features LaRita Shelby telling her story of growing up without a father, and not knowing why. The film also features compelling confessions from actor & educator Ruffin Patterson, author of “My Daughter’s Keeper” Mark Winkler and comedian Evan Lionel, who share raw details of being separated from their children at various points during their relationships. They give candid insights into how they felt, how they coped and the hidden pain that they and other men face during these times.

DirectorLaRita Shelby
WriterLaRita Shelby
ProducerLaRita Shelby
Executive ProducerSandra Evers-Manly
Starring LaRita Shelby, Ruffin Patterson, Mark Winkler, Evan Lionel