Hoop Dreamin’

An 8-year-old Tariq Edwards has recently been let out of school for the summer and all he wants to do is play basketball!! Unfortunately, Tariq and his friends realize they’ll never get to play at the neighborhood courts so they move on to other things. Tariq, still stuck on playing ball, gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he spots a basketball hoop for sale, but he doesn’t have enough money to purchase it. Tariq has to make a tough decision, to work for his hoop or enjoy his summer with his friends. Will his wildest dreams come true?

ReleaseJanuary 13, 2020
DirectorNick Brooks
WriterNick Brooks
ProducerNick Brooks, Milana, Edwards, Taylor Toynes
Executive ProducerNick Brooks
Starring Travior Fields, Nadirah Shakir, Quinton Lee