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Me. My eleven years. War.

The film "I am. My eleven years. War" is the debut film of a young director (11 y), actress, swimmer and dancer from Ukraine, Marusya Shuvalova. The short film shows an ordinary day of a ukrainian girl during the war with the Russian occupiers. Her life is filled with fear, air raids and a great desire to learn, train, develop, and most importantly, stay alive. Ukrainian children now live one day and constantly think about whether the Russian invaders will destroy their houses with rockets or not? Will they have time for training or will they again need to sit in a shelter or a bomb shelter? When will they be able to return to their normal peaceful life?

ReleaseMarch 3, 2023
DirectorMarusya Shuvalova - Age 12
WriterMarusya Shuvalova
ProducerMarusya Shuvalova