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On the Second Floor

Aurora is an old woman, and like many people her age, she lives alone in a small apartment in Madrid. She lives a simple, monotonous life, so any change in her routine is something eventful. Her husband passed away several years ago so she has no family. Consequently, her only visitor is a little sparrow that comes to her window every morning. All her old friends and neighbors in the building are either deceased or living in a nursing home. Many of her new neighbors never stay long or are young people with very busy lives. As a result, no one even notices that Aurora exists. She feels alone and neglected as she looks melancholically at all the things surrounding her… constantly reminding her of the past. Filmmaker age: 17

ReleaseJanuary 14, 2022
DirectorMarco Araujo
WriterMarco Araujo
ProducerMarco Araujo, Ana Dolado, Fernando Araujo
Starring María Galiana, Rubén Arranz, Ana Dolado, Ana Gimeno, Lucía Yanguas