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Michael is a straight-A black student at West-Berry High School. His parents believe that this is beneficial to him in order to experience different people from all walks of life. Michael goes to class, does his work, and participates to the best of his ability. Unfortunately, this makes Michael an “Oreo.” Whenever he answers or does something good or profound, he is undermined by his black peers. These experiences make Michael have a severe identity crisis in which he begins to question his “blackness.” Michael often excludes himself from white and black students or activities associated with the two. He continues to go to class but he’s simply going through the motion. All of this comes to an abrupt halt when a traumatic experience solidifies his identity. He then must make a choice of how he’s going to continue to live his life after this experience.

ReleaseJune 3, 2022
DirectorTrevorM. Edwards
WriterTrevorM. Edwards
ProducerCourtland Sutton, Mirrah Barksdale
Starring Norlian Lambe, Roxie Johnson, Emmanuel Kerry, Liam Harrington