The Marrying Kind

Gavian, Stanley, and Jerry are all inner city childhood friends who are now Third Grade school teachers. Jerry is in the stereotypical Christian marriage with Telaya and Stanley is engaged to Jania, and their wedding is about to happen very soon. While Gavian is in a dead end relationship with the alluring yet cantankerous Ayanna for the past few years. Jerry and Stanley would constantly encourage Gavian to get out of his relationship with Ayanna but yet he remained miserable with his companion. Gavian does not want to be with her but he does want to be in a relationship full love, sincerity, and peacefulness. Gavian meets his soul mate one day while at work, Amyrah Stiles, a beautiful stock broker, who completely fits with his lifestyle. These two are obviously compatible from their initial meeting because they both have the attributes to build a foundation together with synergy. Gavian’s gives Amyrah his immediate undivided attention. These two were meant to be together.