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The Monkey and The Turtle

Based from a folktale from Laguna that has always been often shown as silly fun friendships. The real story was more than friendships turning sour. A clueless Monkey sought the help of a street smart Turtle, lazy added to clueless, Monkey instead of learning the ropes, tried to take advantage of the efforts of his mentor friend the Turtle. Turtle will not allow this to happen, in a series of actions of getting even, the story went from naughty to nasty. Turtle kills Monkey, and gets back at the group of monkeys that started this all. We retell a classic tale from Laguna as it was shared for generations.

ReleaseMarch 3, 2023
DirectorJade Dandan Evangelista - Age 11
WriterNina Dandan Evangelista
ProducerNina Dandan Evangelista