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Every night in her dreams, Iris begins seeing the life of a strange girl who she has never seen or met before. Using the dreams as clues, she is able to discover the girl's identity: Lilia Grayson, a teenager living just a town over. Before she can meet her in real life, Iris dreams of Lilia dying in a freak accident, but not in time to save her. Convinced that these dreams have had some sort of purpose, Iris goes to find the diary Lilia left behind shortly before her death. The diary reveals that Lilia had also dreamed of Iris's life and thus knew she was going to die. Lilia had used this knowledge to write goodbye letters to all the people in her life, including Iris. In the end, Iris fulfills Lilia's final act by ensuring that everyone who was written a goodbye is able to read it.

ReleaseJanuary 14, 2022
DirectorAmanda Woodruff
WriterAmanda Woodruff
Starring Peyton Singer, Eliza Byrnes