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It’s hot, its Summer and its Sadie’s birthday but she doesn’t really feel like celebrating, Black Lives Matter is exploding on the streets of London, there is tension and change in the air. Social media is forcing people to outsource their memories, what does it all mean, where does Sadie fit in? As her party celebrations start to unravel Sadie comes to the realization that she needs to trust her power and face the truth, her own truth as Black woman, what is her place in this world maybe she has been looking in the wrong place and it’s time to visualise a new space?

ReleaseJune 3, 2022
DirectorAnne Musisi
WriterGeorge Morgan
ProducerPamela Jikiemi
Starring Lara Grace Ilori, Jordan Kouame, Lucia Bonbright, Tom Mackean, Benjamin Westerby, Adam Woolley